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T. F. Nelson

For nearly twenty years a resident of Wyoming and during all that time contributing essentially to the growth and development of the section in which he has lived, T. F. Nelson of near Hyattville is far from the land of his ancestors but he is exemplifying in the country of his nativity the lessons of thrift industry and productive usefulness for which they were distinguished in their native Sweden. He was born in Nebraska in April 1859 the son of Lasce and Mary (Olson) Nelson who came thither from the land of their birth soon after their marriage. While he was yet a child they removed from Nebraska to Utah and there he was reared and educated. When he reached the age of seventeen he started in life for himself by going to Idaho and engaging in the stock business. For ten fruitful years he followed this business in Idaho and in 1886 with the earnings of his labor and acquired business acumen he came to Wyoming and locating where he now resides continued in the Bighorn basin the same enterprise he had carried on so successfully in Idaho. He has a fine ranch of 320 acres of fertile land 200 head of cattle and a number of superior horses and his ranch and stock operations are carefully and considerately conducted with close attention and a due regard to the comfort and best conditions for his stock and to secure the largest returns for his outlay of time and labor. The improvements he has made in the way of buildings and fences machinery and other appliances for the farm work he has about him all the elements of the industrial part of the establishment as well as the general appearance and character of the place proclaim the excellence of the management and the intelligence of the husbandry and the results are commensurate with the energy and skill employed in their production. Mr. Nelson was united in marriage with Miss Rachel Lee a native of Utah, but at the time of their union living in Idaho, where the marriage took place. They have three children Alvin, Willis and Merle. The competency Mr. Nelson has wrung from the hard conditions of pioneer life the substantial contributions he has made to the progress and development of the county of his residence and the general esteem in which he is held by the people among whom he has lived all unite to attest him as being one of the reliable useful and worthy citizens of the state and a noteworthy element in that body of our citizenship derived from the land of Gustavus Adolphus, which in so many parts of our country has done so much for its improvements.

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