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Progressive Men of Wyoming

Illustrated – Chicago, Ill. A. W. Bowen & Co., Publishers and Engraved 1903

To Our Patrons

The struggle and accomplishments, the unrest and labors, the deprivations and pleasures, the failures and successes of the founders of the state, and of the present Progressive Men of Wyoming, are much better told by themselves than they could be by others in many ponderous volumes of elaborate historical disquisition’s. These men of activity, who have in this volume given the unpretentious annals of their lives, will, at no far-distant future day, receive a nation’s reverence as a race of heroes, “the demi-gods of the dawn of time.” The creators of civilization in a desert wilderness, swarming with wild beasts and with wilder men. They will be held in distinctive honor as the founders of families, then equaling in ability, in prominence and in wealth, the most distinguished of those established in the Colonial days of American history by the Cavaliers of Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas, the Quakers of Pennsylvania, the Knickerbockers of New York and New Jersey, the Pilgrims and Puritans of New England. The short and simple annals, which, taken down from their own lips, are here presented to the reader, will, in the extended course of time, be considered as a priceless heritage by the descendants of these “men of mark.” In centuries to come this volume, containing their tales of the new land, the unformed but progressive Wyoming, will have a value to all Americans, which we, practical men of to-day, cannot fully realize.

It has been well said that the custodians of records, who place their knowledge, concerning useful men of preceding generations and their descendants, in enduring, preservable and accessible form, perform a valuable public service in thus rendering honor to whom is due, and by thus establishing reliable family histories, which loyal descendants will take a just pride in continuing for the benefit of other generations of their descendants in the centuries yet to come. To this work the publishers and their assistants have earnestly applied themselves, in this volume presenting the results of their faithful labors. They desire to express their thanks to those progressive citizens of the state whose laudable enterprise has rendered possible the publication of this memorial volume. Their grateful acknowledgments are also extended to those whose important and valuable services have been given in aid of the compilation of this work men of brains, of thought, of sagacity, possessing pride in their glorious commonwealth and of the many courtesies extended to them by the Press of the entire state. One of the heartiest cooperators in their labors, the late Governor Richards, the greatest man in this land of great men, gave his latest information and has passed on to the Silent Land, mourned and reverenced by the people of the whole nation.

The engraving scattered through this volume add much to its charm and value. It is to be greatly regretted that others of prominent citizens of the state are not thus represented, but, not fully recognizing the value thereof, which each successive year will make more apparent, they have not in this manner co-operated with the publishers, often, indeed, failing even to give the necessary data for a memoir. Of many of the oldtime worthies, there, even now, “remains no track nor trace.” Trusting that the results of their arduous labors will meet a cordial greeting and be fully appreciated, the publishers now hand the book to you.

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