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Nicholas H. Whalen

Among the valuable contributions that England has made to the business industries of Wyoming we most especially mention the gentleman whose name heads the review, Nicholas H. Whalen, who is the popular and efficient manager of the U. P. Coal Co’s store at Spring Valley. He is a native of England, where he was born in County Cumberland, on February 16, 1876, a son of James and Mary (Sinott) Whalen, who were natives of Ireland and descendants from a long line of reputable ancestry in that country. James Wahlen was born in 1841, near Dublin, Ireland, a son of Luke Whalen, After an industrious life, fraught with many changes and incidents; he died at Carbon, Wyoming, in 1898. He early acquired skill as a miner and wrought in the mines of England until coming to America where he performed the labors of a timberman at Carbon, Wyoming, until his death. His widow is still residing in Carbon at the age of sixty-four years. The children of James and Mary (Sinott) Whalen are James, who is weigh-man at the mines of Carbon, Wyoming; Elizabeth who is now Mrs. John Byrnes, of Butte, Montana; Edward, also of Carbon; Katie, wife of Antonia Castagne, of Butte, Montana; James, who died in Denver, Colorado at the age of twenty-six years; Thomas, who maintains his family residence in Butte, Montana; Nicholas H., the subject of this sketch; Like, who died at Carbon at the age of eleven years. Nicholas H. Whalen received in England the rudiments of an excellent public education, which was completed by a diligent attendance at the public schools of Carbon, Wyoming. At an early age, however, he commenced by his labors to add his quota to the sustenance and maintenance of the family, engaging in the U. P. Co’s mines at Carbon, where among his other duties, he also drove mules for about a year. He then became connected with the mercantile department of the company’s interest, his initiatory work being as the driver of the store team. He was soon, however promoted to a clerkship, in which he was retained for about two years, by his intelligent and capable performance of his duties rendering himself so valuable the he was advanced to the responsible position of head clerk in the company’s store at Rock Springs, Wyoming. His devotion to the company’s interests and his intelligent comprehension of the principles underlying mercantile transactions, and also the personal traits of character which made him so popular with the patrons of the store, caused his elevation to the manager-ship o the Spring Valley, Wyoming store after satisfactorily filling his position at Rock Springs for nearly two years. As manager, Mr. Whalen has continued to faithfully contribute to the interests of the Company and has shown himself to be preeminently a clear headed business man of sound integrity and a successful merchant, Under his administration the affairs of the store are conducted to the entire satisfaction of the company and are rapidly increasing in the amount of the business transacted. Mr. Whalen has positive views ad convictions on all subjects and in public matters his attitude is never doubtful, for whatever enlists his energy, is ardently pursued to successful completion. He is identified with the Republican Party and with the Catholic Church. All in all, he is a representative of the progressive ad self made men who are making distinct improvements and impressions upon the industrial and commercial life of Wyoming.

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