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Levi Lehmer

The great state of Ohio, which has contributed so liberally to the official life and governmental control of the nation has not been inactive or niggardly in contributions to other lines of useful activity. Her sons have exemplified the best elements of American manhood in every forum and helped in the development of every Frontier State and territory. Among those born on her soil who have been potential factors in building up Wyoming and also in bringing her resources to the knowledge and service of mankind, Levi Lehmer, of Big Piney, Uinta County holds a deservedly high rank. He was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio on October 30, 1852 and four years later his father Henry D. Lehmer a native of Pennsylvania descended from old Holland Dutch ancestors died in Ohio at the age of forty-six years. When her son, Levi was twelve years old, the widowed mother removed her young family to Indiana and there she reared and educated them as best she could on the slender means available for the purpose. But, early in his life even when he was but fourteen Levi Lehmer was obliged to shift for himself and then and there began the career of industry and frugality that has brought him his present prosperity and standing by working on farms in the neighborhood of his Hoosier home and at such odd jobs as he could get in other lines. When he was nineteen years old he made a long stride into the then far West stopping in Nebraska where he engaged in farming three years, in 1874 coming to Wyoming, where for a year he worked for the union Pacific at Medicine Bow. From there he went to Green River and continued with the same company for seven more years. He began his railroad service as a section hand and by regular promotions became an engineer before he quit it. In the year of 1879-80 he was engaged in the cattle business on the Spur ranch, which he owned at that time, but in 1883 he settled on the pleasant and fertile one he now owns and occupies, which consists of 306 acres of productive land all under irrigation, much of it being cultivated for the benefit of his cattle and horses, of which he has a large number of a good quality. In addition to his stock industry he runs a sawmill about fifteen miles northwest of Big Piney and Middle Piney Creek, and with all its capacity, which is considerable for its kind, he is unable to supply the demand for its products. Being a public spirited and enterprising man, he has in contemplation the enlargement of its equipment, which the trade demands. Mr. Lehmer has been deeply and actively interested in the advancement and improvement of the community and to this end has given time and attention to local public affairs in many ways. He has served as a justice of the peace and he has been at the front of every commendable movement along the lines of safe and healthful progress. On March 3, 1895, he was united in marriage with Mrs. Alice J. Bugher, widow of Dr. J. O. Bugher, of this county and a daughter of Edward and Jane (Hargraves) Davis, natives of England. Mrs. Lehmer had five children by her first marriage, Archie C., Ralph C., John C., Christina F., and Ruby E. Bugher. One child has blessed her second marriage, a daughter Bessie M. Lehmer. The father of Mrs. Lehmer is still living at the age of eighty years at Whitewater, Kansas with his son, Edward Davis who is the editor of the Whitewater Independent. Mr. Lehmerís mother, some years after the death of his father contracted a second marriage, being then united with Jacob Sliffe of Pennsylvania.

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