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Lars Anderson

Among, the successful men of foreign birth who have passed away, but whose worthy lives have left a permanent impress upon the institution of their adopted state, is Lars Anderson, formerly a resident of Salem, Wyoming, who a native of Sweden, was born on July 1, 1837, the son of Andrew and Kate Anderson, both natives of the country. The father followed the occupation of farming in his native country, and was engaged in that pursuit up to the time if his decease. The subject of this sketch grew to manhood in his native country of Sweden, and followed there the same occupation, which had engaged the attention of his father before him, up to 1882. In that year he determined to go to the New World beyond the Atlantic, reports of which had come to his neighborhood in Sweden, in the hope of there bettering his condition, and there establishing a more comfortable home for his growing family. He therefore disposed of his household goods and gathering his family about him bade farewell to the home of his childhood and early manhood and took ship for America. Upon arriving here he proceeded first to the state of Nebraska and established his home at Wahor in that state. Here he purchased land and entered at once upon the business of farming and stock growing. He there followed that occupation with varying success, until 1886, when he disposed of his farm, stock and other property in Nebraska and removed his residence to the territory of Wyoming. Upon arriving here he at once located his present ranch, which is situated about fifteen miles northwest of the present city of Pine Bluffs and engaged in cattle raising and general ranching. In this continually adding to his herds and increasing his property holdings from year to year up to the time of his death, which occurred on July 3, 1899. He is buried at Salem, in the state of Wyoming. On September 17, 1870, in his native land of Sweden, Mr. Anderson was joined in matrimony with Miss Kate Larsdotter, a native of Sweden, whose parents were well-known and respected residents of that country. Four children were born unto them. Nathalia, John, Gustavus and Charles, all of whom ate still living. The family are members of the Lutheran church, taking an active interest in all matters affecting the welfare of the church or the work of charity and religion in the community where they now maintain their home. Since the death of the father, who by reason of his industry sobriety and sterling worth as a man and a citizen had the respect of all who knew him, the sons have carried on the business on the lines laid down by the father during his life. They have met with marked success in their management of the business, and have steadily increased it from year to year as their father, had done before them. They have a fine ranch, well-fenced and improved with about seventy-five acres of land under cultivation, with large acres of good meadowland, and a handsome bunch of cattle. The sons are worthy successors of their father and are sure, by their industry, frugality and good citizenship, to become leading factors in the business and social community in which their home is located. All of the brothers are actively interested in the management of the cattle and ranch property, but the lead in most matters affecting the joint business is conceded to Gustavus, who is a man of safe and conservative judgement, noted also for his enterprise. It is a pleasant sight to witness such energetic people laboring together in an amicable harmony.

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