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John C. Coble

One of the most successful stockmen of Albany county, whose address is Bosler, Wyo-ming, is the subject of this sketch review, and a native of Carlisle, Pa., his birth occurring on June 4, 1858, the son of John and Hettie (Wil-liams) Coble, prominent and highly respected citizens of that state. John C. Coble grew to man's estate at Carlisle, there received his early education in the public schools and subse-quently attending Duffs College, also Cham-bersburg Academy at Pittsburgh, also Dickinson College, at Carlisle, Pa. and pursuing thorough courses of study at these institutions, being graduated in the class of '76. Desiring to avail himself of more favorable business conditions then he found in his native state, he left the home of his childhood and early manhood and went to the North Platte valley of Nebraska and entered upon the business of raising cattle until the following year and then removed his residence to the Powder River country in John-son County, Wyo. Here he continued the same industry and met with great success, remaining in that locality until 1887, when he removed to Albany County, where he now resides. From small beginnings he has increased his herds and landed possessions until he is now one of the largest property owners in his section of the state. His success and present standing in the community as a prosperous man of business has been due entirely to his own efforts, and to the industry, ability and good judgment with which he has handled his operations. He has given his exclusive attention to the cattle business to the neglect of all other branches of industry, no matter how inviting as money making ven-tures, and has kept down the expenses of his enterprise within reasonable limits. It is to this feature of economical management that he at-tributes a large measure of his remarkable suc-cess, holding firmly to the belief that the ma-jority of failures in the stock industry are direct-ly due to the lack of safe and economical meth-ods of carrying on the business. His own suc-cess in all his business transactions would seem to vindicate his judgement. He is now the owner of immense tracts of land in Albany County and other sections of the state and is one of the solid and most substantial businessmen and property owners of Wyoming. For many years he has been conducting experiments in the rais-ing of fine breeds of cattle and horses, and has a large number of the finest and most valuable animals in Wyoming, his special pride being thoroughbred stallions and high-class cattle. He carries on his business operations under the name of the Iron Mountain Ranch Co., and his home ranch is one of the most perfectly equipped places for stock raising on a large scale. Mr. Coble has never been married and frater-nally he is affiliated with the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and with the Masonic order, taking a deep interest in fraternal life. No one in Albany County has done more to pro-mote the growth and development of his sec-tion or to promote the welfare of the people. Public spirited, progressive in his ideas and enterprising and straightforward in his business methods, Mr. Coble stands high in the esteem of all classes of his fellow citizens and repre-sents the best type of the successful men of the West. A man of education and force of char-acter, he might be prominent in the political life of his state if his ambitions led him in that deductive of much good in the development and advancement of the material, moral and educational interests of Wyoming.

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