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Jesse Thraus

This sturdy son of the land of Hamlet and the Norse Kings who is one of the progressive and enterprising citizens of Sweetwater County, Wyoming with his residence at Rock Springs, has watched his flocks and herds in many latitudes and seen service as a herdsman under a great variety of circumstances. The rage of man has not been invoked against him and no lines of strife with his fellows have been mixed with the more even tenor of his way. But the rage of the elements has at times been poured out upon him and death through their violence has often come nigh. He was born in Denmark on August 24, 1855 a son of Thraus and Marie C. Jensen the youngest of their seven children all of whom are living. He was reared and educated in his native land and when he was only eighteen left its impressive scenes and associations and came to the united states seeking better opportunities of getting on in the world. On his arrival he at once made his way to Iowa, where he found work on a farm and a chance to attend the winter terms of school for three years. In 1880 he came to Rock Springs, Wyoming and for two years again worked on ranches giving faithful and intelligent attention to his duties and through his fidelity and skill rising to the position of foreman of W. D. Millerís cattle outfit a post of responsibility which he held and capably filled for twelve years. He passed the next seven years as foreman of the sheep industry of Doctor Murray and thereafter traveled for a year or two. When he was again ready to settle down to steady occupation he found a place ready for him and took charge of the sheep business of Tim Kinney as foreman. This extensive business he has managed in this capacity during the last five years with great advantage to his employer and to the satisfaction of all whom are interested in its operations. His experience in the hard winter of 1883 when many herders lost lives by the severity of the weather and also in many other times of extreme cold and heavy storms were thrilling and his escapes from death were often narrow and sometimes almost miraculous. Yet he is wedded to his business and gives it his conscientious and constant attention. His interests committed to his care are always under the strictest watch and have the best supervision that experience study close observation and a natural taste for the vocation can give them. Mr. Thraus is warmly attached to his adopted country and takes an earnest interest in its welfare. Every commendable enterprise for its advancement especially that part of it in which he lives has his cordial and serviceable support. He is highly esteemed by those who know hi, and well deserves the place he has in their regard. While his way does not lead along the majestic highways of history he walks straight forward in the path laid down for him, discharging with fidelity and cheerfulness the daily duties of life and thereby contributes essentially and directly to the benefit and happiness of mankind and the sheep in his care.

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