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Jesse Cole

Jesse Cole, one of the prominent businessmen of the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, is a native of the county of Carter, State of Tennessee, having been born in that County on March 5, 1840, the son of Alfred and Harriet (Blevins) Cole, both natives of the state of Tennessee. His father there followed the occupation of farming, and, in 1842 emigrated from Tennessee to Jackson County, Missouri, where he continued in agricultural pursuits, his family being among the earliest settlers of that section of the state, where they founded their home about six miles southeast of the site of Kansas City. The History of Jackson County, Missouri, contained an interesting account of the life and work of Alfred Cole, which justly portrayed him as one of the prominent pioneers and representative farmers of that county, successful in business and possessing the highest esteem of all who knew him. He remained there until his death on February 8, 1854. He lies buried on the old Jackson County homestead, and his good wife, the mother of the subject of this sketch, who passed away at the same place on July 10, 1876, lies buried by his side. United in life, they were not separated in death; they rest together near the scenes of their active and useful lives. Mr. Cole grew to manhood in Jackson County, and there received his early education in the public schools. After the death of his father, he was compelled to leave school to take the management of the farm. In this he was very successful and, upon the death of his mother, he became the sole owner of handsome property. He resided here, conducting a prosperous business in farming and stocking raising, until 1897, when he disposed of the greater portion of his property interests in Missouri. For a short time after this he was not engaged in any active business, and his wife and children passed some months in visiting in the state of California. Desiring to engage in the livestock business on a scale more extensive then had been possible at his old Missouri home, he came to Wyoming, and, in the spring of 1898, purchased his present fine ranch property, situated on South Crow Creek, about sixteen miles west of the city of Cheyenne. Soon after having established himself in his new home, he was here joined by his family, and they have now one of the finest and best improved places in all of that section. They have a large two-story brick residence, barns, building and all modern improvements. Mr. Cole has 4,300 acres of patented land, well fenced, irrigated and improved, with many acres of the finest meadow land, also having a large herd of cattle, and being considered as one of the most substantial and progressive men of the state. On December 29, 1885, Mr. Cole was united in marriage to Mrs. Emma C. (Basye) Sampson, a native of Jackson County, Missouri, and the daughter of James and Mary (Coates) Basye, the former a native of Kent, England and the latter of Missouri, where the father settled in Jackson County in the early 40ís and followed the occupation of farming until his death in 1856. The mother passed away in January 1890, and lies buried by the side of the father in Jackson County. Mr. and Mrs. Cole have one child, Silas L., who his residing with his parents, attending the public schools. Politically, Mr. Cole is a stanch member of the Democratic Party, and, while a resident of Missouri, he took an active and prominent part in the public affairs of his county and state, attending conventions, and being one of the trusted leaders of his party. He has never held, or sought to hold, public office, however, and since his residence, has given his entire time to the management of his private business, in which he has met with conspicuous success. Fraternally, he is a member of the Masonic Order. The family are members of the Christian Church, in which they take a deep interest, and are active and earnest in all matters calculated to better the condition and promote the welfare of the community in which they reside. They are among the most highly esteemed and respected citizens of their section of the state.

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