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Henry & John Haddenham

These enterprising citizens of Uinta County, Wyoming come of ancient English lineage, their great-grandfather, William Haddenham being a lifelong resident of Nottinghamshire, England, his son, William, however emigrating and locating at Provo, Utah, there still maintains his home at the age of ninety years. His son, William was the father of Henry and John and his early life was passed in Nottinghamshire where he was educated and learned the trade of stocking weaving in which he was employed a number of years then pursuing the requisite technical studies he came to this country in 1878 when for about two years he continued in Almy, Wyoming, as a fireman thence removing to Ogden, Utah, being there connected with various forms of industrial activity and still maintains his home, standing high in the regards of the people. Mrs. Haddenham was born in England in 1851 being a daughter of Henry and Sarah (Saunderson) Burton her father being a puddler in large ironworks of England and eventually emigrating and locating at Almy, Wyoming in 1875 where he identified himself with the coal-mining industry for his subsequent life and being there killed by an explosion in the mine on March 25, 1895. His wife survives him and resides at Diamondville, Wyoming. Henry Haddenham was born in Nottinghamshire, England on March 13, 1868 the son of William Haddenham and in the year of 1881 at the age of thirteen years he formed a part of the family migration to Almy and in this vicinity he has since resided and been an energetic member of society devoting his endeavors to the domains of mining and ranching performing also public duties to which he has been called with the same industrious intelligence that his discriminating care bestows upon his private operations being identified with the Democratic party as one of its most consistent supporters, and while personally a most unostentatious citizen is well known as a man of clear foresight and tenacious resolute purpose possessing sagacity ingenuity and firmness in overcoming obstacles in the way of his enterprise. In 1895 Mr. Haddenham married with Miss Catherine C. Simpson a native of England and a daughter of George and Frances (Johnson) Simpson. Three children complete the home circle, William, Margaret and Mabel. John Haddenham, the brother of Henry was also born in the old family home in Nottinghamshire, England and like Henry he was a member of the emigrating party which in November 1881 dedicated a new home in Almy. Here Mr. Haddenham has grown from early youth to mature manhood, engaging for a period of time in mining operations and meeting with a satisfactory success and making many friends John Haddenham observes political and public matters from a Democratic standpoint and is always found in active sympathy with all things tending to the welfare and the improvement of the community. In 1888 John Haddenham entered into matrimonial relations with Miss Mary Miller the daughter of Joseph and Mary Miller. Of their seven children, William died in May 1891, aged one year and Samuel on June 1, 1895 aged nine months. The others are Elsie, David, Lillian, Dewey and Florence, now making the home happy.

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