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Henry C. Allen

Intimately associated with the professional life of the thriving city of Rock Springs, and taking a prominent part in the public affairs of the county. Henry C. Allen has not been under-estimated by a people who have learned to appreciate his true value as a forceful factor in the body politic. His father, Hon. Henry N. Allen, was born in Rochester. N. Y., in 1847, reading law he was early admitted to the bar and within a comparatively short time became one of the most brilliant and successful men of the profession in Western New York. He was elected from time to time to various high official positions, notably among them being judge of the municipal court of Rochester, and he adorned every station he was called to fill. For several years be was a political leader, and was a shrewd campaigner and an eloquent speaker, and before juries and upon the hustings he had few equals. Had it not been for his premature death hastened by exposure while delivering an oration in the campaign of 1881 he doubtless would have achieved national distinction as a lawyer, orator and publicist. Hon. Henry N. Allen was the son of Dr. Newell Allen, a native of New Hampshire and for many years a leading ph-ysician and surgeon of Rochester, N. Y. Gertrude (Hall) Allen, wife of Doctor Allen, was born in the state of New York, and is remembered as a woman of strong mentality and varied and cultured attainments. She made a special study of scientific subjects and became noted as a chemist, and in this way was a valuable assistant to her husband in his professional work, her knowledge of materia medica having been extensive and profound. She was vigorous physically, as well as mentally, a splendid specimen of symmetrically developed womanhood and lived to the age of seventy-eight years. The maiden name of the mother of H. C. Allen was Fannie Van Alslyne. She was born in Albany, N. Y., in 1851, the daughter of N. J. and Sarah (Pease) Van Alslyne, both parents being natives of the Empire State and of Dutch descent. Mrs. Allen is still living, a cultured and refined lady, and has long been active in religious and charitable work, being a devoted member of the Congregational church. Henry C. Allen was born in Rochester, N. Y., on January 24, 1873. After acquiring a knowledge of the elementary branches in the excellent schools of Rochester, he prosecuted the higher courses of study in the University of Pennsylvania, and in 1892 was graduated with honors from the law department of that institution, soon thereafter going to Colorado, where be opened a law office at Montrose, and during the ensuing eight years built up a lucrative practice and took high rank as an attorney. Meanwhile he took an active interest in public and political affairs and served as chairman and secretary of the Republican Central Committee, and also held the office of city attorney for three terms, and served one term as deputy district attorney. In the spring of 1901 Mr. Allen located at Rock Springs, Wyoming, where he has since been actively engaged in legal practice, his abilities winning him a conspicuous place among the leading lawyers of the Sweetwater County bar. At this time he is attorney for the Sheepmens' Association and for various other corporations, and is the secretary of the Business Men's League. As a lawyer he is successful and has a practice wide in scope and remunerative. He is well grounded in the underlying principles of jurisprudence, a safe and reliable counselor, prepares his cases with the greatest care and spares neither time nor pains in looking after interests intrusted to him. He is a gentleman of pleasing address, fine social qualities and undoubted integrity. Studious and attentive in matters of business, he is not unmindful of his duties to the community as a citizen, consequently his name appears in connection with nearly every enterprise having for its object the material, intellectual and moral welfare of the city of his residence. Fraternally he belongs to the Elks Lodge at Rock Springs and politically supports the Republican Party. Mr. Allen and Miss Helen Cobb, of Philadelphia, were united in the bonds of wedlock in 1896. Mrs. Allen is the daughter of Mark Cobb, for many years editor of the Philadelphia North American and a noted figure in Pennsylvania journalism. He served as chief clerk of the United States Senate during the latter years of the Civil War and was also private secretary of Hon. Simon Cameron when that distinguished statesman was at the head of the war department in President Lincoln's cabinet.

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