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Harry D. Clark

Holding a position of responsibility and distinguished trust in the company’s store at Rock Springs, Harry D. Clark, although comparatively a young man ranks as one of the leading businessmen of this section. He possesses calm and sober judgement, great and rapid powers of investigation and calculation, and is especially noted for his energy, enterprise, and shrewdness integrity. In business circles he has a high reputation for sagacity and ability. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, on April 12, 1877, being a son of Dealton A. and Mary A. (Baker) Clark. For the ancestry and very interesting family history see the sketch of Charles F. Clark, appearing in another portion of this work. Harry D. Clark received his literary education in the public schools of Rock Springs, following this by a full course in the State University at Laramie, Wyoming, from which institution he was duly graduated with honors. Immediately following this he established a jewelry and drug store at Rock Springs, and in these mercantile lines was profitably engaged for five years. Sufficient financial inducement being offered him, however, he relinquished merchandising and took a position as bookkeeper in the company’s store at Rock Springs, acquiring, in his five years’ service in this capacity, a thorough knowledge of all details, methods and principles of commercial life, as exemplified in the mercantile operations of this store. Having given the fullest satisfaction in the discharge of his duties as bookkeeper, his appreciative employers advanced him to be the head bookkeeper of their Spring Valley Store here he has since been engaged, and he has, by his diligent attention to business, his devotions to the interests of his employers and his indefatigable efforts, made for himself an enviable reputation. On May 16, 1898, at Rock Springs, Wyoming, occurred the marriage of Mr. Clark to Miss Annie Kellogg, a daughter of George and Martha (Garrett) Kellogg, whose parents were natives of England, and early emigrants to Wyoming, where, after the death of her father, her mother became the wife of George Biscom, and now maintains her home at Rock Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Clark have one child, Harry. Mr. Clark is ever mindful of his duties as a citizen of the state and nation, and acts with earnestness in accord with the principles of the Republican Party to which he gives loyal support although not looking for political rewards, office or emoluments. Fraternally, he is affiliated with the Ancient Order of United Workmen, and is at present the master workman of the local lodge. In religion he is a devout and conscientious member of the Congregational Church, with whose activities and beneficence he is actively connected. Mr. Clark is thoroughly loyal to his numerous friends and his winning personal magnetism has made him stanch ones all along life’s pathway. He enjoys to an unusual degree the confidence of the better portion of the community and is one of the elements of support of the leading social activities of society. He is ever liberal in his contributions to public, charitable and religious objects, and no case of individual or public suffering has ever appealed to him in vain. He not only a respected business man, but, higher yet, a consistent Christian, who’s untiring zeal has been manifested in many departments of education and religious activity.

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