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George Sutherland

From old Scotch ancestry which lived long and serviceably in the land of song and story and whose descendants George Sutherland of this review and his immediate parents have been among the enterprising and productive citizens of this country came George Sutherland of Tensleep on of the progressive and wide awake stockmen of this county who was born in Canada in January 1866 where his parents William and Mary (McMasters) Sutherland were long settled and engaged in farming. Natives of Scotland they came to the Dominion soon after their marriage and there prospered until 1873 when they removed to Chicago, Illinois and not long after to North Platte, Nebraska. In that new land Mr. Sutherland finished the education he had begun in former homes. When he was seventeen years of age he came to Buffalo, Wyoming and rode the range in that section until 1892 when he located on the Tensleep where he now lives. The land he occupies he purchased in a partially improved condition and at once began raising cattle and making vigorous efforts toward bringing his farm into a more advanced state of cultivation and development. It comprises 160 acres and is well adapted by natural situation and character and also by the skillful and systematic attention which has been bestowed upon it to the business which he conducts and which he has increased in magnitude and raised in standard from year to year. He has 200 well-bred cattle and a number of horses. His whole establishment is managed with vigor and intelligence and amply rewards the care it receives and he is well known throughout the surrounding country as one of the most advanced and enterprising stockmen of his portion of the country and as one of its most respected citizens. Mr. Sutherland was married on January 1, 1895 to Miss Fannie Warner a native of Nebraska and daughter of Mark H. Warner a highly esteemed citizen of this state (see sketch elsewhere in this volume). They have two children, Gordon born April 1897 and Clinton born October 1899. It is from the sturdy and reliable qualities, which make up the character of such men as Mr. Sutherland that the best elements of American citizenship are produced. Their course does not lie along the pinnacles of great affairs but they perform with fidelity and industry the daily duties of life which are found at their elbows and thereby build well their own fortune and contribute essentially to the welfare of those around them. In his community Mr. Sutherland had been attentive to every means of advancement and to all things which aid in the comfort convenience and improvement of the people.

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