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Fred P. Carr

Amid the everlasting granite hills of New Hampshire, where he was born in August 1857, and where he passed the first sixteen years of his life, Fred P. Carr, a well to so and progressive stockraiser of Big Horn County, with headquarters at Hyattville, learned the lessons of frugality and thrift which have distinguished him in the state of his adoption, and which have not only enabled him to gather a competence for himself but to materially assist in building up the locality in which he lives and developing its natural resources, His parents were Fred and Lucretia (Marston) Carr, also natives of New Hampshire, who in that state conducted a farm on which their son grew to the age of sixteen and in the vicinity of which he received his education in the public schools and attending Grafton College for one year. When he was sixteen he went to New York City for the purpose of engaging in business for himself, and lived there a number of years, dealing in horses. In 1888 he left all the blandishments of civilized life and the attractions of the great metropolis to seek wider opportunities and more fruitful fields for his particular lines of enterprise in the Great NorthWest. He came to Wyoming and located on the ranch of which he now owns and occupies, and on which he conducts a flourishing stock business, with four hundred fine horses and a herd of good cattle. The ranch comprises of 420 acres of excellent land, well located for the business and well adapted thereto, and what is under cultivation has been made very productive by careful and skillful husbandry. It is well improved with good buildings and fences, and is recognized as one of the desirable and attractive places in this section, of which there are many of that kind. In fraternal relations Mr. Carr is connected with the Independent Order of Odd Follows, and has been a useful member of his lodge in the order for many years. On January 29, 1897 he was married to Miss Isa B. George, a native of Muskingum County, Ohio. For more the fifteen years identified with the history and development of Big Horn County, and at that time contributing his due share to the results which are so gratifying on every hand as evidences of progress. Mr. Carr can be regarded as one of the representative and most useful citizens of the portion of the state to which he belongs. When he settled in this neighborhood it was almost a primeval waste, and since then it has become the home of an industrious, prosperous and progressive people, multiplying human happiness, adding to the comforts and possessions of mankind, and showing forth in pleasing abundance and variety the results of the wise and energetic labors of the progressive men and patriotic women of Wyoming.

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