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Frank H. Muzzy

Frank H. Muzzy, now of Meriden, Wyoming is a native of Illinois, having been born in that state in Will County on December 19, 1852, being also the son of Benjamin F. and Persis (Templeton) Muzzy, who were both natives of the state of New York. His father followed the occupation of farming in the state of Illinois and in 1858 removed to Minnesota, and located near Mankato. Here he engaged in farming until 1864, when he removed his home to Nicollet county, where he continued in the same occupation until 1893. Then he disposed of his farms and other interests and has since been retired from active business, passing the greater portion of his time in travel and in visiting his children and relatives in different states. The father and mother of Mr. Muzzy since 1893, when not occupied in travel have made their residence with their son at Meriden, Wyoming. Frank H. Muzzy received his early education in the schools of the state of Minnesota, and at the age of twenty-one years he attended the State Normal School at Mankato, remaining there as a student for two years. After completing his education there he returned to his fatherís farm, where he resided and assisted in the management of the affairs of the family for one year. During the year of 1877 he was engaged in teaching in Blue Earth County, Minnesota and in the summer of 1878, believing that he could do better in the country farther west, he visited the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Not meeting with satisfactory employment at that place, he continued his way into Colorado, where he remained for two months, and then returned to Wyoming, locating on Upper Hose Creek. Here he secured employment on a sheep ranch, and remained in that employment for three years, thoroughly familiarizing himself with all details of the business of sheepraising and wool growing. In the fall of 1881 not having been able to engage in business in Wyoming to his satisfaction he resolved to return to Minnesota and make that state his home. Upon returning to Mankato in that year he engaged in farming, at which he continued until the fall of 1882. The attractions of the ranges and plains of Wyoming were still strong upon him, however and he could not resist the longing to again try his fortunes in that favored section. Therefore in November 1882 he again returned to Wyoming bringing with him his young wife to whom he had been married less than a year. Upon their arrival they purchased the same ranch on Horse Creek where Mr. Muzzy had formerly been employed and here engaged in sheep raising and wool growing. In the spring of 1883 he took up his present ranch on Bear Creek, lying twenty-five miles southeast of Chugwater and fifty miles northeast of Cheyenne. The winter of 1883 and 1884 was a very severe one in Wyoming and his loss as was that of man others was very heavy, his entire flock being practically destroyed leaving him in the position of having to commence at the very bottom of the financial hill. He was not discouraged however and at once set to work with an energy perseverance and industry which has ever marked his entire career, to repair his damaged fortunes. He then engaged in the cattle and horse business and by good judgement economy and careful attention to the management of his affairs he has succeeded in building up a handsome competency. He now owns a large and fine herd of cattle, has 440 acres of patented land with capacious areas of leased and range lands adjacent and well appointed barns sheds and buildings. Nearly the entire home ranch is under irrigation and Mr. Muzzyís home and surroundings bear much evidence of prosperity, thrift and refinement. On April 4, 1882 Mr. Muzzy was united in marriage at Mankato, Minnesota to Miss Pauline S. Gates, a native if Minnesota, and the daughter of Arad and Sarah (Bemis) Gates, both natives of Vermont. The parents of Mrs. Muzzy were formerly residents of the county of Nicollet, where they were engaged in farming with considerable success. Later they removed to Blue Earth County, where they continued in the same pursuit. Here her father passed away from earth in 1886 and lies buried in Nicollet County. Her mother is still living and resides in Mankato. Mr. and Mrs. Muzzy have four children, Chester J., Carrie E., Frank G., and Pearl L. Fraternally Mr. Muzzy is affiliated with the Woodmen of the World, being a member of the lodge at Cheyenne. Both he and his wife are members of the Baptist church, very active in church work, taking a deep interest in the social and charitable life of the community where they reside. Mr. Muzzy is a stanch Republican ever taking an active interest in the affairs of his party, although he has never held a public office or sought political preferment. He enjoys the society of the large circle of devoted friends to whom he has endeared himself by his many admirable traits of character and his excellent record as a man. He is held in the highest esteem by all who know him for his sterling integrity and worth.

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