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Frank K. Collett

There is, perhaps, no stockman of the immediate locality of his home who is more extensively known or stands higher among his acquaintances then Mr. Collett, and it is but simple justice to incorporate a brief review of his life and activities in this volume, as one of the wide-awake and representative citizens of Uinta County. He was born in October 1865, at Logan, Utah, a son of Sylvanus and Lydia (Karens) Collett, of whom individual and collective sketches appear elsewhere in this volume, to which the reader is referred for the details of the ancestral history of Mr. Frank K. Collett. After availing himself of the advantages of school education that were within the reach of his youthful years, Mr. Collett, at the age of fourteen, became a range rider, acquiring, in the course of the years which he devoted to the caring for cattle, a skill and proficiency, a health of body and powers of endurance which have been of admirable service to him and his life of intense activity, and given him distinction among the cattle men which whom he was associated. Having become thoroughly familiar with each and every department of the cattle industry, Mr. Collett established a home and business, by securing a homestead of 160 acres, located at Cokesdale, Wyoming, and here he, with his customary activity and earnestness, engaged in general farming and in the stock business, from the first obtaining satisfactory results, as his operations have been conducted with care and discrimination. He usually runs a large and valuable herd of high-grade cattle, mostly of the Hereford breed. In December 1893, occurred his marriage with Miss Catherine Sims, born in Utah, in 1870, a daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth (McDermott) Sims, natives of Scotland and of Africa. Her father a miller, came to the United States from his native land in company with a Mormon colony and settled in Utah, where he resided the greater part of his subsequent life, dying however, at the age of fifty-one years in 1894, at Fish Haven, in Idaho, where had been his home for a short period of time. His wife survives him, having her home at Swan Creek, Utah. Mr. Sims was a thoughtful, intelligent person, keeping himself fully abreast of the worlds latest movements, by his extensive and carefully selected reading of the best literature, becoming extremely well informed. Mr. and Mrs. Colletts household is rounded out by the presence of two winsome daughters, Imogene and Lucile. Mr. Collett is an active and earnest observer of all public matters of local and general interest, and is heartily connected with the success of the Republican Party of Uinta County, supporting its candidates and promulgating its principles in every campaign. Fraternally, he is a valued member of the Woodmen of the World.

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