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Enoch Turner

Belonging to the class that constitutes the productive and developing element of the community, Enoch Turner of Almy Wyoming and his excellent wife have done very well their parts toward the advancement of their section and have displayed in a conspicuous manner the best traits of American citizenship although receiving their birth and educational training in the rural districts of England. Mr. Turner was born in Staffordshire, England on September 9, 1844 being a son of John and Ann (Owen) Turner, his father also being a native of the same shire where his life was passed in mining operations dying at the age of sixty-six years to be interred in the Derbyshire churchyard. The mother born in the same locality, as was her husband after her death at sixty-seven years was also conveyed to the Derbyshire cemetery. Their children were Hezekiah, Enoch and Lucy the subject of this sketch being now the sole survivor. His educational and technical instructions were given in his native land and Mr. Turner continued to be there employed with a due measure of success until 1878 when he consummated a long cherished purpose and immigrated to America in November of that year. Coming directly to Almy, Wyoming he found that his valuable experience as a miner in the old world at once secured him employment her at very satisfactory wages and he continued his connection with the operation of the mines until 1895 being prospered in his employment and rapidly gaining friends among both the miners and the citizens. Feeling the need of change of existence and having the necessary means to profitably engage in the branch of industrial activity of stock raising so largely conducted in this state in 1895. Mr. Turner secured by homestead his present place of 160 acres and here he is conducting cattle raising successfully in a modest way running a choice herd. He has ever taken great interest in public and political matters from the standpoint of an intelligently reasoned and has been three times elected to fill the responsible office of Justice of the peace on the populist ticket. He is in many ways a factor in the development and well being of the community and has a large and ever expending circle of friends. In England in 1872 Mr. Turner formed connubial relations with Miss Fannie Boom who was born in 1848 a daughter of George and Alice (Gibbons) Boom of England. They were early members of the Mormon Church under its auspices coming to Utah in 1874, thence removing to Almy, Wyoming where the father engaged in mining until his death in 1891, at the age of sixty-six years after which event the widow returned to Utah where her death occurred in 1901 at the age of seventy-two years. Industrious unpretentious and useful people they faithfully fulfilled their earthly destinies and were honored and beloved by many friends. The family of Mr. & Mrs. Turner consists of these children: Alice, Annie, Enoch, Millis deceased, Amy, Thomas, Emma, James, David, Minnie, Georgie, William deceased, all having graced the home.

  • Found in 1880 Census living in Uinta County, Wyoming.

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