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Edward E. Van Dyke

Edward E. Van Dyke, now of Cody, Bighorn County, one of the most renowned hunter and guides in this part of the world, is a native of New York State, where he was born on 1863. He attended school until he was about sixteen years of age, then started on an extensive tour of the United States, visiting every section and every state by easy stages, lingering or necessity moved him, having a food time in his own way and in his own manner, gathering the fund of that extensive general information concerning men and places, which makes him so shrewd and successful in his chosen vocation, and so entertaining a raconteur. In 1877 he came to Wyoming, and making cook City his headquarters, he engaged actively in hunting and trapping, serving also as a guide for tourists and hunting parties as occasion gave opportunity. In 1883, desiring to have a more settled occupation and a permanent home, he came to the Bighorn country and taking up land on which he now lives, he there began an industry in cattleraising which he has since then conducted and greatly increased in volume and value. His ranch is a good one, well located and well adapted to his purpose, and herd is composed principally of well-bred cattle. He owns 640 acres of land, which furnishes sufficient variety in character and products, to make him a successful farmer, and provide both winter food and convenient headquarters for his operations, which have an extensive range for his stock. He still follows hunting and trapping and as had been noted is renowned in these lines throughout a wide extent of country. In fact, his fame as a hunter and guide is coextensive with the continent, he having piloted hunting parties through this region from all parts of the country. Like the game he hunts he is fleet of foot and strong of limb, quick and keen of perception and when in search of a quarry he never fails to make a good “find”. He seems to be a woodsman by instinct and his natural endowment in this respect has been well trained and developed by long and trying practice. He was married at Deer Lodge, Montana to Miss Nellie Caple, a native of Michigan. They have one child, their daughter, Edna.

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