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Duncan McLennan

From the mountains of Scotland to the mountains of Wyoming is an immense leap in longitude and not much less in conditions and surroundings, as many of the sturdy men of Scotland have learned, among them Duncan McLennan an enterprising and prosperous stockman of Clear Springs nine miles north of Cokeville in Uinta County, Wyoming. In this country he has found a wealth of opportunity and a freedom of action undreamed of in his native land, and with the characteristics of his race he has taken advantage of them and used them well for his own benefit and for the welfare of the communities in which he has lived. He was born at Conon Bridge, Rosshire, Scotland, on December 29, 1863, his parents, Donald and Catherine (Innis) McLennan, being also native there and descended from families long resident in the shire. His father was a railroad inspector and this led his thought to machinery as a study, in consequence of which after completing his education in the government schools of his vicinity, he learned the trade of a machinist. In 1882, when he was nineteen years old he left the paternal roof and came to the United States making his way by easy stages to Idaho and locating at Montpelier where he worked for a year at his trade in the railroad shops after which he opened a store, and for the next eleven years he gave all his time and energies to its management and development. It was a successful venture bringing him both prominence and means. In 1895 he sold out his business and came to Wyoming, locating on the farm, which he now owns and occupies not far from Border. This comprises 480 acres of well-improved land devoted to the cattle industry which he carries on with vigor on a large scale. In addition to this enterprise which is one of increasing magnitude, he owns real estate at Montpelier and has other valuable interests in this state and Idaho. From his early manhood he has exhibited an earnest and serviceable interest in the community in which his lot happened to be cast and while residing in Idaho he served as postmaster and Justice of the Peace from time to time. He married in that state in February 1888 to Miss Marguerite J. Morgan, a native of Wales and a daughter of William and Catherine Morgan who are now living at Cokeville. One child has brightened their household, their daughter, Jessie Kate. Mr. McLennan is one of the substantial and influential citizens of the county, held in high esteem by all who know him and worthy of the regard he so generally inspires while Mrs. McLennan numbers her friends by the host being warmly welcomed in the social circles of her home town and elsewhere by her acquaintances and all who appreciate good company.

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