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Daniel T. Scully

An expensive full of interest and containing many years of heroic service for his Country has been that of Daniel T. Scully a prosperous Stock grower and respected citizen of Boxelder, Wyoming. A native of the old city of Natchez, Mississippi, he was born there on January 30, 1848 and is the son of James and Elizabeth (Everett) Scully the former a native of Ireland and the latter of Mississippi. The father was a tailor by occupation and followed that calling up to the time of his death, which occurred in Memphis, Tennessee where, he was then residing in February 1899. The mother passed away in the same city in November 1901 and both lies buried in Memphis. The father during his long and varied career had been a great traveler for emigrating from his native country of Ireland when a very young man he first settled in Mississippi and engaged in tailoring when in 1849 he joined the great stampede to the newly discovered gold fields of California and remained in that state for some years, subsequently returning to the East where in the state of Louisiana he resumed his business of tailoring. In his later years he removed to the city of Memphis where he remained during the closing years of his life. Daniel T. Scully grew to man’s estate in the city of Natchez, Mississippi and there received his early education in the public schools. At the age of seventeen years he went from Natchez to Memphis where he parents were living. The great Civil War which was then raging filled him with a spirit of patriotic enthusiasm and in October 1863 he enlisted as a soldier in the Eighty-ninth Indiana Infantry and began that service to his country in which he was destined to pass so many of the best and most active years of his life. His enlistment was for “three years or during the war” and after a time he was transferred to the Twenty-sixth Indiana Infantry with which he served until the close of the war. During most of this time he was with the Army of the Cumberland. He was engaged in a number of battles and in the engagement at Pleasant Hill, Louisiana he was severely wounded. He however recovered from his injuries and continued in the service. At the close of the war Mr. Scully enlisted in the regular army at Indianapolis, Indiana on March 2, 1866 was appointed a corporal and assigned to the Eighteenth U. S. Infantry. In 1869 his term of service having expired he re-enlisted this time being assigned to the Seventh Infantry. He served in this regiment for five years acting as sergeant during the greater part of that time. At the end of this term of service he again enlisted and became a member of the Ninth Infantry serving five years as a sergeant in that regiment also. In July of 1879 he was mustered out at the expiration of his term of enlistment at Camp Carlin in the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming. While a member of the regular army he served at different forts in the territories of Montana, Utah and Wyoming and had many thrilling adventures on the frontier and in engagements with the Indians. After his final discharge in 1879 he purchased a ranch on Lone Tree Creek, about nine miles southwest of Cheyenne and there entered upon the business of cattle raising. His efforts were attended with marked success, and in 1883 he disposed of his ranch on Lone Tree and established himself on his present ranch property on the Box Elder Creek situated about twenty-five miles west of Cheyenne. Here his success has continued and he is now the owner of a fine large ranch well fenced and improved with large tracts of hay land and an extensive range with a comfortable place of residence with all modern conveniences. He is one of the prosperous and successful ranchmen of his section of country and by reason of hard work perseverance and strict attention to business he accumulated a fine property to which he is making additions from year to year. On July 6, 1873 Mr. Scully was united in marriage at Helena, Montana with Miss Elizabeth Confrey a native of Ireland the daughter of Patrick and Julia (Buris) Confrey, both natives of that country. The parents of Mrs. Scully were residents of Dublin, Ireland where they remained up to the time of their death. In the company of relatives and friends who were emigrating from Ireland to America she came to this country in 1866 and came to the territory of Montana about 1871. Mr. and Mrs. Scully have no children. They are devout member of the Roman Catholic Church, and are deeply interested in all church and charitable work among the poor of the communities where they have resided. Politically Mr. Scully is identified with the Republican Party and frequently takes an active part in public affairs believing that to be the duty of a good citizen. It is most interesting to hear him relate his varied experiences in the army and on the frontier during the most exciting period in the settlement of the western country and his rugged traits of character have won for him the admiration and respect of all with whom he as been associated.

  • I found Daniel T. Scully, in the 1880 census living at Lower Lone Tree Creek, Laramie, Wyoming

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