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Charles A. Dereemer

An old-time rider of Wyoming who is a pastmaster in the art of handling cattle who has learned by long years of practical and pleasant experience all that there is to know concerning the stock business on the great plains of the West. Charles A. Dereemer is now one of the prominent stockmen of Laramie County, Wyoming. He was born in Lorain County, Ohio on February 25, 1860 the son of Joseph and Emma M. Dereemer, the father having his birth at Camden, Lorain County, Ohio and the mother receiving her nativity in Otsego County, New York. In 1863 when but three years of age he accompanied his parents on their long dangerous and wearisome way to California and after residing in that state for three years the mother and son returned to Ohio in 1866 the father remaining in California where he later died at Blue Canyon in Placer County. From 1866 Charles lived with his maternal grandparents, William and Eunice (Gibson) Armstrong, who were honored residents of Wakeman, Ohio until he was eleven years old, where he accompanied his mother to Wyoming where she located a ranch on Horse Creek and soon thereafter married with Daniel Stanton Lathan. Of the very estimable and capable mother an extended personal history will be found on page 74 of this volume. Mr. Dereemer commenced his long life of activity in cattle-raising on his motherís Horse Creek ranch, where he grew to manís estate receiving his early education in the schools of that section and later attending the graded schools at the city of Cheyenne for two years. After the completion of his education he continued on the Horse Creek ranch, managing the business for his mother and carrying it on with great success. He also acquired an interest in the business and continued operations there until 1888, when he married and removed to his present ranch on Horse Creek where he has since resided. This property he acquired in 1886 and has improved from that time. He has carried on here a successful business in cattle and horse raising and is now considered as one of the substantial businessmen and property owners of his section of the state of Wyoming. It may be said that Mr. Dereemer has graduated from the saddle into the business which is now occupying his mature years having ridden Wyoming ranges as a cowboy for more than fifteen years and now being one of the oldest practical stockmen on that section of the western country and counted as one of the best posted cattlemen in Wyoming. It is very interesting to hear him relate his early experiences on the range during frontier days. During a considerable portion of this time the Indians were very hostile and troublesome and their annoyances and depredations were often of such a nature as to severely try the courage judgement and endurance of the stockmen during the early history of Wyoming. The discretion and coolness of Mr. Dereemer, combined with his invincible courage and determination were often the means of carrying him through places where both his life and property and that of others were in danger. On September 27, 1888, Mr. Dereemer was united in the holy bonds of wedlock in Chicago, Illinois, to Miss Ida J. Mosher a native of Ohio and the daughter of Lewis and Hannah E. (Whitney) Mosher natives of the same state. The father followed the occupation of farming in Ohio and continued in that business in the county of Lorain until his death, which occurred on April 7, 1888. Her mother had passed away on March 15, 1886, aged fifty-one years and five months. Both lie buried in Lorain County, Ohio, as does their only son William J. Mosher, who died on October 17, 1880, being twenty-four years and nine months. Lewis Mosher was an honored citizen of Lorain County standing especially high in Masonic circles for many years. He was born in Perry Lake, County, Ohio on September 27, 1826 and his wife was born on October 16, 1835, in Camden Lorain County. In a quiet unpretentious manner they accomplished much good in their lives and the world was the better for their having lived. Mr. and Mrs. Dereemer have six children, Emma E., Lewis M., William S., Charles H., Gertrude I., and Joseph E. and their home is noted for its many comforts and congenial surroundings. Mr. Dereemer is a stanch adherent of the Republican party and is one of the most trusted of the advisers of that political organization in Laramie County. He has never sought or desired any public office but has consistently pursued his successful course as a practical ranchman and stockgrower first of the territory and afterward of the state of which he is an honored citizen.

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