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Boyd M. Fye

The junior member of the well-known cattle firm of Fye Brothers, the progressive young ranch and stockmen of Laramie County, is the subject of this sketch, Boyd M. Fye, whose postoffice address is Hecla, Wyoming. A native of the state of Illinois, he was born in Jo Daviess County, on May 12, 1877. His father was engaged in the occupation of farming in Illinois and disposed of his property in that state and removed with his family to the state of Wyoming in the year 1890. The subject of this imperfect sketch grew to manís estate in the state of Wyoming having passed his childhood days in Jo Daviess County, Illinois. In the latter state he attended the public schools in the vicinity of his home chiefly at the town of Orangeville, near the city of Freeport and there acquired such education as his limited opportunities permitted. Upon arriving in the state of Wyoming he continued his attendance at the public schools until he had arrived at the age of sixteen years, when he left school and began work for his father on the home ranch, situated on the North Laramie River. He remained in this employment for a period of five years and acquired a through and a practical knowledge of the business of raising cattle and of general ranching. Upon arriving at the age of twenty-one years he secured employment from several outfits who were handling cattle in Laramie County and was not long in becoming to be known as one of the most capable men ever engaged in that occupation in that vicinity. He remained in this pursuit saving his earnings and preparing himself for a future business on his own account to be taken up as soon as opportunity presented itself. In 1900 he entered into a partnership agreement with his brother, Arthur H. Fye and they secured a lease on the well known property extensively called the Gilchrist cattle ranch, situated on Middle Crow Creek, about seventeen miles west of the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming and there engaged in the cattle business. During the short time they have been operating in this locality they have shown themselves possessed of the requisite qualities which assure success in any calling, ability perseverance and industry. They control about 7,500 acres of fine land and are among the most promising young stockmen in that section of Wyoming. Pushing energetic possessing good business judgement they are certain to continue the success with which they have entered upon their chosen occupation and they are highly respected.

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