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Bert Bergerson

The young state of Wyoming owes much to her citizens of foreign birth, those men of rugged type who have brought to their new homes in the West those admirable traits of industry, economy and thrift which they learned in the homes of their childhood beyond the sea. Prominent among this class in his section of the state is Bert Bergerson, who is a native of Norway, having been born on October 14, 1855, the son of Berger and Carrie (Thoreson) Bergerson, both natives of that country. His father followed the occupation of farming until his death in 1887, and now lies buried amid the scenes of his active life. The mother resides at the old home in Norway. Bert Bergerson grew to man's estate and received his early education in the schools of his native county, afterwards following the occupation of farming with his father, until he was twenty-six years old, then the limited business opportuni-ties of his home and the reports which had come to him of the splendid possibilities in the new world across the Atlantic Ocean influ-enced him to seek his fortune in America. Therefore, in June, 1882, with such small savings as he had put aside from his years of toil, he took ship and sailed away to the land of promise in the West. Arriving in America in due course of time, he proceeded first to Fayette county, Iowa, where he had acquaintances and secured employment as a farm hand, and remained in that vicinity engaged in that pursuit, until the spring of 1886, when he went to Cheyenne county, Neb., and took up a homestead claim, and entered upon the business of farming for a year when he came to Cheyenne, Wyo., where he remained for about one year and then secured employment at the ranch owned by Andrew Gilchrist, on South Crow creek, where he continued for a number of years, returning, however, each spring and fall to his homestead entry in Nebraska until he had fully complied with the requirements of the laws of the United States and had acquired a government title to the land. In the spring of 1895 he made an extended trip through Montana, Oregon and Washington, to find a desirable location to engage in ranching and stock raising, but he was unable to find any that equaled Wyoming. He therefore returned and in the fall of 1895 secured a lease on his present ranch situated on Middle Crow Creek, about twenty miles west of Cheyenne. Here he has since remained engaged successfully in the business of raising cattle and doing general ranching. He is still the owner of his homestead in the State of Nebraska and his wife is also the owner of a ranch on the tablelands near Pine Bluffs, Wyo. On June 13, 1900, Mr. Bergerson was united in matrimony at Salem, Wyo., with Miss Nathalia Anderson, a native of Sweden and the daughter of Lars and Katie Anderson, both natives of Sweden. This estimable married pair are members of the Lutheran Church, and take an earnest and sincere interest in all works of religion and charity in the community where they maintain their home. They are the best type of citizens, honest, in-dustrious, law-abiding and devoted to the institutions of their adopted country. Politically, Mr. Bergerson is identified with the Republican Party, and as every good citizen should, takes an active and patriotic interest in all matters calculated to affect the public welfare.

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