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Last Update: 16 Jan 2002

Kids I've been away for a while and I'm only coming back part time. Sorry, but request may go un answered and updates could be few and far between. I still plan on completeing all the Skins that I have posted here as Up Coming.

Oh and one more thing, scan you hard drives for viruses. I get 30 e-mails a day with viruses from fans who have added my address to their lists. If you don't want to pay for a virus check program or download one from the net, don't e-mail me with requests or anything else and remove my address from your list. Remeber Virus Scan AT LEST once a week.

Of course I think I should show you this: Nimis Vision. I am at the beginning of a time of change. I will be updating and creating a FULL 3D Web Site. I have called it Nimis Vision for now, but that will change, too. The Page right now is only a small glimpse at what is to come. I will set up a link to download a VRML browser soon.

As an extra plus to the site I am adding a Links page that will hold the paths to other Pages I find to be worth looking at. Please check these peoples page out also.

Up Coming Skins:

The Deamon Slayer Set - You have the Deamon and the Temptress now here comes the Summoner, and The Three Slayers: Selina, Sean, and Rothgar the Fallen

The Spider - does that mean I should make a Fly, too?

New Skins: They're Here! They're Really Here!

Tank - Sparky's little brother, designed to keep the SimBionics Lab Safe. He's new on the SimBionics Page.
The Viking - What can I say I live in Norway. It would be bad if I didn't make one of these guys. He's new on the Humans Page.
Skin Pages:


Insects and Invertebrates

The Deamon Slayer Set


Other Stuff:

Links Page

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