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***To join IN-Style, please print out this page, fill in the blanks, include payment and mail to: Alicia Graybill, 4234 St. Paul Ave., Lincoln, NE 68504-2567. Questions? Call (402) 466-7035 or email***


I'd like to join IN-Style. I've enclosed a check or money order made out to Alicia Graybill for:

_____$25 for a One-year Membership _____$45 for a Two-year Membership

_____$65 for a Three-year Membership _____$100 for a Lifetime Membership




Phone: (_____) _____-________ (Home or work?______)

Email:__________________________(Home or work?______)

When IN-Style has at least 25 members, a directory will be printed. Would you be interested in being listed in the directory (which will be sent only to other IN-Style members)?_____________

I am most interested in assisting with:

_____Funmeets and Trials _____Newsletter _____Demonstrations

_____Public Relations and Advertising _____Classes and Seminars

*Dog's Name:________________________________________________

Dog's Breed or Mix:____________________________________________

Dog's Age:__________________ *If you have more than one dog you will be competing with, list them on a separate sheet of paper. Thank you!

Please list skills or talents you would be willing to share with IN-Style members (i.e. choreography, music selection, copyright issues):




Thanks for joining. Look for flyers announcing special events and the IN-Style newsletter to start coming your way very soon.