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Welcome to Gamewarriors Nintendo Page.This page was created by us, becaus we all love Nintendo.We have been working on this page for allmost three years...etc

This page is totaly dedicated to the arts of Manga and Anime.Here you will find Anime clips,Info,News about the latest anime.

Read the long history of Nintendo. The company started in 1889 and they sold Hanafunda cards. 1929 Nintendo was the largest playing cards company in Japan and today they are the BIGGEST game company that exiest. >>>

Gunpei Yokoi started in Nintendo in 1965. He was the leder of R a D TEAM.... He wase the brain behaind some of the best games in the histori like the Metroid serie and he is also the creater behaind Game and Watch, Game boy and Virtual Boy. >>>

Here you´ll find the biggest flops failures and the games with the lowest grades. >>>