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In Jetpack Races the following rules apply: 

- Start at the Start ('S') and fly in the direction pointed out to you by the arrow.

- Drop the mine and use only the retreat to fly through the map.

- The first person to complete a set number of laps is proclaimed the winner.

- All players have an equal ammount of turns. If two or more players finish in the same turn, the player wins who got furthest in the new lap.

- You may not drop mines on opponents, if you get hit by one of his mines, fly back to your old position before starting your turn.


You can download a schemepack, it contains JR schemes with 15, 20, 25, 30 and 255 seconds retreat time. In case you are looking for WWP schemes, click here


My forums are available 24/7 for those who wish to comment on things or discuss the newest maps with other players.


If you would like to send me a personal message, you can do so by mail.


In case you got inspired and decided to create your own jetpack race-related website, please feel free to send me the link and I will put it down here for others to see.


Currently there are 5 map packs and 3 single maps for a total of 51 unique maps.


The DTM pack covers all the circuits of the German Touringcar Championships, like Hockenheim, Nürnburgring and others.


The CART Series pack contains all non-oval circuits of the CART Championship, like Montreal, Elkhart Lake and Mexico City.


The GT Europe pack contains all the circuits involved in the FIA GT series, including famous tracks like Monza, Estoril, Spa, Donington and several others.


The GT USA pack contains all the circuits involved in the American Le Mans series, including tracks like Laguna Seca and Road Atlanta.


The Australian Supercars pack contains all the circuits of the Australian V8 Supercars championship, like Adelaide and Surfer's Paradise.


Single maps can be viewed and downloaded here.


Currently, unfortunately, I am the only person who has made jetpack racers. I hope that in the near future other people will assist me with new maps. I will be more than glad to put up maps by other artists, so please submit them.


For a tutorial on how to make these jetpack racers with Paintshop Pro, click here. It's an easy step-to-step guide supported by pictures.

News 11-08-2003,

The CART pack has been finished, click here to go to the download section!

News 07-08-2003,

I am back from vacation and managed to finish a few more maps. Today I tested and uploaded all the circuits from the DTM Championships, which is the German Touringcar Cup. You can download them here.

I have also been working on the circuits of the CART Championship, which has been finished sole for one single map (problem with girders again...), so that one will be released soon as well. Keep flying!

News 02-07-2003,

The Australian Supercars pack has been finished, you can go to the appropriate download / preview section here.

I have also added a tutorial on how to make new Jetpack race maps with PSP, for those interested click here.

News 25-06-2003,

For over a year I have been trying to make my jetpack racers into a popular gametype, so far no major accomplishments were made. However, interest in this game has come from an unexpected corner and flattered by the compliments received from a player who has played a wide variety of schemes and maps, I decided to once again make an attempt to spread the joy of the jetpack races. This is why I decided to make a totally new page dedicated to my JR's and try once again to make it into a popular scheme.