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Welcome! I am going to try to make this website a bit different from the other websites on Vicki Lawrence out there. Here, you will find updates and links to other areas of my site and whatnot. I sincerely hope you have a pleasant stay. Thank you!

You can access this page through Vicki's official website, but I am giving you a shortcut -- right here!! T-shirts are only $15, so get them while you can. :-)
I brought a television Find-A-Word puzzle book on a trip to Minneapolis in May 2003, and among the 100+ puzzles they had in there, they had puzzles for "The Carol Burnett Show" and "Mama's Family" -- I have put together a WinZip file with both of them. All you have to do is download, unzip it, open the documents and print! Have fun! *NOTE - both documents are in .RTF format, so they should work with all the various word-editing programs. If you are having trouble getting it to appear, please let me know.
The schedule of the tour dates through November 2006 can be found here, along with my stories of when I went to see "The Two Woman Show" on May 9, 2003 ... October 8, 2004 ... AND last but not least, August 27, 2005, and what happened afterwards at all the shows!
Information about the popular "The Carol Burnett Show" sketch spinoff TV show can be found here.
A nice list of various shows/gameshows Vicki has appeared on since she began acting. Updated whenever possible!
Contact address page where you can write to Vicki and her co-stars for an autographed picture! *Sorry, no personal addresses!*
View all the scanned pictures of my autographs so far to date of Vicki & the other people on TCBS and MF (now complete).
View all the press kit pictures I have obtained to date. This section should be updated regularly.
Links to other terrific Vicki Lawrence and Mama's Family websites. Check them out when you get bored.
Click on either link to sign or to view my guestbook.

If the date formatting on this update is confusing you, read it as 26 April 2007. Anyway, this isn't an actual website update. I'm just posting an update to say that I have not abandoned this website, it's not dead, I didn't trade it off to anybody else, and I still have plans for it. It'll get updated soon enough, I promise. :)
Nothing that major. Took down old tour dates, added new ones (a lot more added for March - May 2007, go look), as well as added more new showtime info for said tour dates.
Woo! I apologize for the lack of updates over the last three months. School activities caught up with me, plus I went on a class trip to New York City in March. I am done with school for the summer, so updates will be more frequent. I added a TON of new dates -- there are dates that go through May 2007! -- as well as showtime and ticket info for the next few months. Hopefully, I will have that up before this month is out.
Took down some old tour dates and added new dates (mainly May 06 - November 06). Also added a new press kit picture to the Press Kit page. It is towards the bottom of the page, and the caption below the picture is tagged with a NEW! button to identify which picture is new. Will be adding information to the tour dates as well.

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