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The 5eme Companie at Bourtagne in 1999


The re-enactment Regiment was started in the mid 1990s as the 1er Chasseurs a Cheval de la Ligne, 5eme Companie.  It very soon boasted an Elite Companie.

The first Major Re-enactment was at Waterloo in 1995.  Thereafter the unit recruited steadily, attending major and minor events both in the UK and around Europe.

In 2000, following an internal reorganisation the Companie titles were dropped, the unit taking the full title of the Regiment.  At the same time, under pressure from our overseas hosts to play British Cavalry, the18th Light Dragoons were formed as an alternative to the French Unit.   The addition of Fur Caps, Pelisses and Barrelled sashes gave the unit the ability to be 18th Hussars.

In 2003 the 3rd Dragoons were added for people who wished to portray British Heavy Cavalry, and in early 2006 the 3eme Hussards were also added, mainly for colour and flexibility.  Thus the whole group is very flexible being able to portray different cavalry units under the same training procedures and  command structure.

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