ATG | May 2002

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25 May 2002

If I only had another hour!

I wasn't really sure how I wanted to present this year's celebration of Bob Dylan's birthday. It was right around air time that I decided to play Dylan's songs in chronological order, beginning in 1961,

and because of his enormous body of work, we only got up to 1989 in four hours!

So, we'll wrap it up next week...

18 May 2002

11 May 2002

The first of two special Bob Dylan programs (the next will air on Saturday, May 25), tonight's broadcast featured various artists performing Dylan songs.

The highlight of the evening was a live in-studio performance by Michele Wilson vocals, Fred Wilkes guitar, vocals, Rick Bellaire guitar, vocals, John Dunn bass, vocals, and Vincent Pasternak mandolin, violin, vocals.

4 May 2002

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