ATG | December 2002

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28 December 2002

7:30 to 11:30

A special expanded edition of Against The Grain. For the last show of 2002, Fred Wilkes stopped by, and we paid tribute to all the great musicians and songwriters who died this year,
reviewed some of the best of 2002 releases, and listened to the good old Grateful Dead from 9:30 to 11:30 for this week's edition of "Saturday Night Live"


14 December 2002

BobFest 2002

All of the songs featured on tonight's show were written by Bob Dylan, and were all recorded live in concert.

7 December 2002

The 6th Anniversary Show!

The 312th edition of the Saturday edition of Against The Grain!

At 10pm I featured excerpts from a very limited, very rare Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve live box set,
recorded on tour in the US in May 1996, and released by Warner Brothers Records in February 1997, Costello & Nieve is very hard to find these days.

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