Nick's Cafe | September & October 2001

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25 October 2001

11 & 18 October 2001

Both nights were fund raising shows, and playlists were lost in the shuffle. Thank you for your support!

4 October 2001

27 September 2001

20 September 2001

The change of seasons from summer to autumn always makes me feel melancholy.
Tonight's show reflected that, and the cautious but hopeful attitude that most of us feel at this time of national tragedy. As Joni Mitchell sang this evening, "There's comfort in melancholy."
I hope tonight's music was comforting to you..

13 September 2001

Tonight's show reflected the mood of our great nation following the horrific attack on New York City and Washington DC.

We also heard new music from Bob Dylan.

6 September 2001

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