Nick's Cafe | May & June 2002

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27 June 2002

20 June 2002

13 June 2002

WICN mysteriously went off the air at 5pm today, and returned (just as mysteriously) at 10pm, so the first 2 hours of tonight's Cafe were only heard on the web.
I will repeat most of this show on Saturday's editon of Against The Grain (June 15), so please check out the ATG playlist on June 16. Thanks!

6 June 2002

30 May 2002

Thanks to my special guest Peter Stone Brown for stopping by to perform songs from his CD, Up Against It, and to tell us about his New England gigs.
Peter is from Philadelphia, and was visiting the area for 3 shows this weekend.

23 May 2002

16 May 2002

9 May 2002

2 May 2002

Great live music from Paul Della Vallee & The Ink-Stained Wretches on tonight's show.
The band included Liz Narbonne, Rocky Della Vallee, Fran McConville, Bob Dick, and Walter Crockett

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