Nick's Cafe | January & February 2001

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22 February 2001

My special guest was Frank Morey. Frank is an up-and-coming performing songwriter from Lowell, Mass and has been compared to a young Tom Waits.
Check out Frank's latest CD, Father John's Medecine, I think you'll like it!

15 February 2001

Thanks to my very special guest, Cliff Eberhardt. Cliff gave us a sneak preview of his new CD, which should be out this summer, by playing the title song, "Merry Go Sorry" (Red House Records).

I also finished up my Valentine's Day celebration, which I began last Saturday on Against The Grain.

8 February 2001

1 February 2001

On tonight's show, I explored the down side of human emotions ~ sadness, loneliness, regret, lost love, lack of love, homelessness, sleeplessness, anger, desperation, and death.
I hope I didn't bring anyone down, but instead made you think about the positives in your own life. Thanks for listening.

25 January 2001

18 January 2001

11 January 2001

January 4, 2001

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