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29 March 2003
22 March 2003
Tonight was one of those magical nights...I knew what song I was going to open with, and the rest just flowed out like it was coming from somewhere else.
8 March 2003
1 March 2003
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22 February 2003
15 February 2003
Little Feat at The Orpheum in Boston, 10.31.75
Skin It Back > Fat Man in The Bathtub
Walking All Night
On Your Way Down
Day Or Night
Romance Dance
Long Distance Love
Cold, Cold, Cold > Dixie Chicken
Tripe Face Boogie
8 February 2003
1 February 2003
Saturday Night "Live" ~ Joni Mitchell Live at The Gene Autry Museum ~ January 26, 1995
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Refuge Of The Roads
Sex Kills
Moon At The Window
Night Ride Home
Love's Cries (aka Crazy Cries Of Love)
Yvette In English
Cherokee Louise
Sunny Sunday
Just Like This Train
25 January 2003
Happy 50th Birthday, Lucinda Williams!
Lucinda Williams was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana on January 26, 1953.
18 January 2003
11 January 2003
Thanks to my special guests, Francis Dunnery, who joined us in the studio, and Chris Difford, who joined us via telephone from his home in England. Francis played some new songs live in studio, and we listened to some of his production work, including Difford's I Didn't Get Where I Am, and John & Wayne's Nearly Killed Keith. For more info on Francis, Chris, John & Wayne, or Dorie Jackson, please visit
4 January 2003
Happy New Year!
28 December 2002
7:30 to 11:30
A special expanded edition of Against The Grain. For the last show of 2002, Fred Wilkes stopped by, as we paid tribute to all the great musicians and songwriters who died this year, reviewed some of the best of 2002 releases, and listened to the good old Grateful Dead from 9:30 to 11:30 for this week's edition of "Saturday Night Live"
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14 December 2002
BobFest 2002
All of the songs featured on tonight's show were written by Bob Dylan, and were all recorded live in concert. The main source for tonight's material was The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration, released on Columbia Records in 1993. (It is also referred to as BobFest 1992 on this list!) Be sure to check out Columbia's latest release, Bootleg Series, Vol 5: Live 1975 - Rolling Thunder Revue.
7 December 2002
The 6th Anniversary Show!
The 312th edition of the Saturday edition of Against The Grain!
I took over the Saturday night spot on December 6, 1996.
At 10pm I featured excerpts from a very limited, very rare Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve live box set. Recorded on tour in the US in May 1996, and released by Warner Brothers Records in February 1997, Costello & Nieve is very hard to find these days. As of midnight tonight, there was a used copy available on Current bid is $49.99.

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