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nirmaldasan home page

I, Nirmaldasan, chose to stay well behind the times so that my life could be affected by an air of rustic simplicity. But the urban mainstream was not without its charms. Its current of temptations was too strong for me to resist. Else why should I seek a place on the Net?

I did my M.Phil under the guidance of Dr. Nirmal Selvamony. Titled 'A Quantitative Analysis Of Media Language', the dissertation discusses the strain index, a readability formula that I developed when I was a working journalist with The Hindu. Many of my articles have been published by Vidura, a quarterly journal of the Press Institute of India. My weblog Readability Monitor keeps track of plain language.

I have written more than 150 editorials on various media issues in Journalism Online. I have also written an article in Tamil titled 'Tolkappiam Chuttum Cheithi Iyal' at media studies.

The following links take you to some of Nirmaldasan's literary and other writings:

My Last Candle, September 2020/2021
The Spider's Web, March 2019
Basic Communication Workbook, December 2018
Moonlight Miscellany, November 2018
Flights Of Vedanta, February 2018
The Vision Of The Baptist, May 2017
Playful Poesy, February 2017
Poetry Workbook, June 2016
Prose Workbook, March 2016
Ode To Gaia, July 2015
The Passionate Verses & Other Translations, March 2015
As Easy As 1-2-3, May 2014
The Pleasures Of Indolence, March 2014
A Season Of Mischief (selected essays), June 2013
John Milton's Paradise Lost (retold), March 2013
Borrowed Robes (translations), May 2012
Silver Jubilee & Other Poems, June 2008
A Quiver Of Arrows, May 2007
A Pocket Book Of Rhymes, October 2006
tinai 1, July 2001 / tinai 2, November 2002 / tinai 3, 2003-2004 (co-authored with Dr. Nirmal Selvamony)
An Eaglet In The Skies, September 1996
Rocking Pegasus, July 2002
Literary Trivia & Curiosities, February 2004
The Enchanted Shirt & Other Scripts, January 2004
The Way Of Providence
The Roads We Take
Visual Poetics
The Seven Forms Of Free Verse
Indumathi's Tharaiyil Irangum Vimanangal

You may also check out the reviews of Nirmaldasan's poetical works. My bloggings will keep you posted of my latest thoughts and deeds. And here's my latest persona data