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The Telecom Museum

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Here is the story of evolution of 'telecommunication'--communication over distance--told through pictures. The picture below is of one of the most beautiful phones ever created by Ericsson and occupies place of pride not only in its creator L.M.Ericsson's museum in Telephone Plan, Stockholm, but also in private collection of the site-creator Niraj K.Gupta--a telecom professional. This phone was popular from 1892 to 1929 with minor variations in models. Hope you will enjoy the telecom saga leading to today's mobile phone which has revolutionised our lives

Samuel Morse: Inventor of Telegraph & Morse code
Alexander Graham Bell Graham Bell rings the bell
The Evolution of Phones
The Ericsson Beauties
The Early Exchanges
The Early Mobiles
The Evolution of Mobiles
The Indian Collection
Let a million satellite dishes bloom: Arthur C.Clarke
More Cyber Museums
Undersea Cables

We would like to acknowledge the constant inspiration, encouragement and content-help from Mr.R.N.Goyal, Secretary, Dept. of Telecom Operations (Govt. of India) and Member, Telecom Commission who also awarded a Gold Medal and Fellowship of the Indian Telecom Museum to Niraj.