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"Quotes From and About Jerome Bettis"

This page features quotes from and about Jerome Bettis. Quotes are from other NFL players, NFL coaches, and of course, Jerome Bettis.


"The Bus has shifted into high gear. Destination - endzone. I'm back. I'm just about showing people I'm alive and well."

"I'm a fun-loving guy," Bettis says. "I'm always smiling, always trying to pick the guys up. Nothing bothers me much. You never hear an argument out of me. I'm just that kind of guy. I try to be positive all the time."

"I loved my first two years in California," Bettis says. "Rookie of the year, the Pro Bowl, everything. I was just out there having fun, although we weren't winning. That was the down side of it. Here I'm having fun and we're winning. I'm in heaven right now cause everything is going so well&emdash;better than I ever would have expected it to."



"He's a fit here. He's a no-nonsense guy. He's not a guy that stans out because he fits in with everyone else. He's one of the guys who knows there's a difference between the time to play and theitme to work. He's just a natural fit for us." --- Bill Cowher, Head Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers


"When Jerome gets up a full head of steam, not many people are going to stop him. He just runs over them if they get in his way." --- Tim Lester, FB, Pittsburgh Steelers


"He's a rip-snoring, hard-nosed, hit-in-the-mouth player...he's a major load." --- Mary Schottenheimer, Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs


"You'd better tackle him early because if you don't, he gets a head of steam and then he's tough to bring down." --- Mark Maddox, Buffalo Bills


"Jerome is playing very well. He is a very emotional player, and he just loves to run the football. I couldn't think of a better fit for the Steelers than Jerome Bettis." --- Jeff Fisher


"It's a long night for the secondary when a guy like Bettis is breaking through the line." --- Brian Washington

************** The above quotes were from Club 36 Flyers. **************

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