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*Hall Of Fame*

This page contains information and pictures of Quarter Horses in the Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. The horses on this page are the horses that are in Joe's pedigree.

KING P-234

King was born on June 25, 1932 and died in March of 1958 from heart failure at the age of 23. King was bred by Manuel Benevides Volpe of Laredo, Texas. He was sold to Jess Hankins of Rocksprings, Texas. King's sire was the great Zantanon and his dam was Jabilina. Jabilina was described as a "Brown, hogbacked mare." King's original name was "Buttons." When King was sold to professional baseball player and rancher Byrne James, his wife gave the colt a name worthy of his good looks. Byrne's wife said,"Buttons, I'm changing your name to King, for truly you are the king of Quarter Horses." At Abilene, TX in 1941, King stood grand champion stallion for his looks and champion stock horse for his cutting skills. King's daughter Squaw H outran most of the horses in the country in match racing losing only to the great Shue Fly by half-length. Duchess H became one of the greatest halter mares of her age and Royal King dominated the cutting pens and began siring others to do the same. King's son Poco Bueno became his only rival at stud, siring Poco Lena and Poco Tivio. At the Hankin's ranch, King lived the rest of his life in luxury; you name, he got it.


Poco Bueno was foaled in 1944."Pokie" is the son of the great King P-234. Poco Bueno was bred by Jess Hankins. E. Paul Waggoner purchased "Pokie" in 1945 for $5,700. Poco Bueno recieved the award for the Grand Champion Stallion in 1947. Poco Bueno sired three NCHA Hall of Fame Horses. He sired 405 foals; 36 of which became AQHA Champions. Poco Bueno himself was a cutting Champion.


Joe Reed II was foaled in 1936. He is the son of Joe Reed-sire of Leo. Joe Reed II's race career basically says it all. Of three starts he won all three. Joe Reed II sired 347 foals from 25 crops and one AQHA Champion. Joe Reed II's last recorded owner was Clarence Lindsey. Joe Reed II died in 1964.

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