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Passu: 14 kilometers (nine miles) beyond Gulmit, is a village of farmers and Mountain Guides. This is the setting off point for climbing expeditions up the Batura, Passu, Kuk and Lupgar groups of peaks, and trekking trips up the Shimshal Valley and Batura Glacier. For non –trekkers there are two easy walk from Passu .It takes about 20 minutes to scramble up through the rock to the Passu glacier ,or an hour to follow the irrigation channel up to the Batura Glacier . Or you can wander through the small village of Passu, watch the villagers at work in the fields, and see yaks and dzos (Yak-cow hybrids). Batura Glacier comes down from the left a couple of kilometers (a mile or so ) North of Passu. There are several scenic treks up the side of the glacier to the summer pasture with magnificent views of the mountain .