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Shareef Abdur-Rahim

Poor Shareef. I have a lot of respect for him as he's changed his game from being a strong inside scorer to an all-round inside/outside offensive threat as well as becoming one of the top rebounders at his position.

See Shareef get on your nerves! *** -About time they change up the marketing guys up in Vancouver.

Drive thorough traffic. *

Dunk and foul. **

Dunk. *

Quick Dunk. **

Taking Lamar to school. **

Rahim hook shot. *

Tariq Abdul-Wahad

Remember this guy as Olivier Saint-Jean? He's got slight hops.

Strong hops and dunk. **1/2

Courtney Alexander

3-pointer from back in the day at Fresno State. *

Steal and dunk. **

Ray Allen

He used to be an under-rated athlete, now he's an over-rated dunker. Nothing real spectacular. He did have a pretty nice one over I think Jason Richardson in the pre-Olympic game vs. the Select team. Not available here though.

Running 3 point shot just beating the buzzer. ***

Making Reggie look like Cheryl with the lay-up. **

Smooth jam in traffic. **

Just another 3-pointer. *

Just a layup. *

Dunk. *

Strong drive and jumper. **


Beating the buzzer again. **

From way out there. ***

Sweet double pump or something. ***

Over Andrew DeClerq. ***

Baseline drive and strong dunk. ***

Dunk On McGrady's Head ***1/2

Baseline drive and strong dunk. ***

Derek Anderson

Not much is said about this guy but he's got some nice highlights. After watching them I have new respect for his game. A little inconsistent though. Q&A with D.A.:

Q: Do you feel you can beat anybody in the NBA one-on-one? Who do you think is the best team in the NBA right now? Do you see the Clippers going all the way soon?

Derek Anderson
A: Yep. With these new rules, I can go around everybody. Allen Iverson -- he's quick enough to go around everybody as well. All day long.

What about the Clippers?

Decent dish. **

Double pump off the backboard. ***1/2

Baseline drive and strong dunk. ***

Dunk off Hudson pass. **

Reverse and strong lay-up. ***

Another baseline dunk. ***

Made Horny realize it's time to hang 'em up. **1/2

Strong dunk making Mt. Mutumbo the fool. ***

Another baseline dunk. ***

Taking it hard to Tabak. ***1/2

Kenny Anderson

Still one of the fastest guys in the league.

Lay-up ahead of the pack. *

Tough lay-up in traffic. **

Right-Left-Right-Shot. *1/2

Off-balance lay-up against. *1/2

Making Wizards defense look so lost. *

Nick Anderson

Listed at 228 pounds. Maybe the guys at should update that info. Shooting 27% at last check and has shot UNDER 40% 4 of the last 5 years. How is he still in this league? I really don't know.

What he does best errr most often. *

Alley-oop-lay-up. **

Lay-up. *

John Amaechi

Jump shot. *

Post-up move. *

Greg Anthony

Liked him better with the Knicks

Buzzer beater *

Alley-oop-lay-up. **

B.J. Armstrong

Pass to Kukoc. *

Darrell Armstrong

Love the emotion in this guy. At 6"1 and 34 years of age the man can still get up for the jam.

Armstrong lay-up. *

Alley-oop on the giving end. *

Reverse lay-up. **

Steal and dunk. **

Block on Knight. **

Alley-oop pass to Magette. *

Reverse dunk. **

Baseline drive. *1/2

3 pointer. *

Ron Artest

I like his game. He brings good defense and good athleticism (which translates into sweet highlights) to the Bulls. He's also only 21, younger then me. What have I done with my life?

Jam over the Candy Man. ***

Taking it hard at and over Mutumbo. ****

Nice drive and dunk. ***

Sweet drive and lay-in by Artest in his second home. **1/2

3 pointer. *

Lay-up and foul. *

Chucky Atkins

Making L.J. look foolish. **

Smooth pass giving it up for the dunk. **

Atkins the Pinball. **1/2

Stacey Augmon

Under-rated highlight man. At 32 Ice still has something left for the REEL.

Double pump (I think), lay-up and foul. **

Dunk and hanging. **

Always wondered why they called him plastic man. Now I know. ***1/2


Vin Baker

No he's big boned. He's never been the same since the strike. At 29 he's still got some hops though even early in his career he was just an average athlete. Nothing too exciting here.

Hook shot. *

Jump shot. *

Turnaround jumpshot. *

Dunk. *1/2

It's lucky, not good. 3 crazy-ass bounces ***1/2

Charles Barkley

A golden oldie. The league is missing personalities today. Jordan, Rodman, Jayson Williams and Sir Charles made the league fun. Even in his last few years Barkley, at 6"6, was one of the top 3 rebounders in the game.

Charles' last rebound and shot in the NBA. sniff sniff. ***

two-hand dunk. *

Making Kobe think about what college would be like. **

Jumper pushes him into 13th on the all-time scoring list. *

Alley-oop pass. *

Classic old school Barkley videos.

Erick Barkley

Yeah the kid is quick and everyone says he was the big draft day drop but the man has very little offense to speak off. Haven't seen much of him this season.

Lay-up back at St. John's. *

Brent Barry

"I was going to wear a 'white men can't jump' t-shirt for the last dunk but thought better of it."
He along with Jason Williams have helped break the stereotype. More are needed though. I think he should be more then a 20 minute a game guy he is in Seattle.

Alley-oop pass. *

Statue of Liberty jam. **

3 pointer taking after daddy. *

explosive baseline jam. ***

Barry with a nice recovery and jam after a late pass from G.P. **1/2

The typical Barry slam. **

Lay-in off the fast break. *1/2

Reverse lay-up. ***

Tony Battie

Developing into a decent starting center/power forward with the decent hops. Should be on the highlight REEL more.

Follow-up dunk off Barros miss. **

Kobe Bryant

No comment. He should use his athleticism more on offense.

Elevating with right hand over the Wizards pre-Jordan. ***

Fancy dribbling and jumper. ***

This is the third class of the day for the Wizards by Mr. Bryant. For Ass Kicking 101 in the practice facility your next teacher will be Mr. Jordan. **


Vince Carter

If your hatin' I will come down there and hurt you.

Floater in the 2000 playoffs. **

Carter with the 3 pointer in the 2000 playoffs. *1/2

Carter with the lay-in. *

Alley-oop in-bounds play. ****

Soft reverse alley-oop in Chi-town. ***

Stop on a dime 3 pointer again in Jordan's old home. **

Tomahawk in Charlotte. ***

Game winning dunk at home against Houston. Three words, 2 for you to choose. Cover your ears. Turn volume down. ***1/2

Game winning shot. Poor Clips, even their fans cheered more for Toronto then them last year. ****1/2

The fans got what they wanted in L.A. ***1/2

Under from one sided, up and over on the other. ***

Power Slam alley-oop in Portland. ***1/2

Winning three pointer against the Celts. Listen to the artifical crowd noise they made so as not to humiliate the Celtic organization anymore. How sad. ***1/2

One of my favs of all time. 360 against the Mavs, *****

Crazy dippie-doo with the ball and dunk. ****

Superfast 360 degree layin. ***1/2

Vince for 3. ***

Vince's first 50 point game. ***

Reverse 360 windmill at the dunk competition. *****

Another dunk. **1/2

Vince from former buddy T-MAC at MSG. ***

Vince alley-oop from **sniff** T-MAC. ***

I was at this game. Believe me, his eyes were well over the rim with this power power windmill. ****1/2

One haded alley-oop in NYC. ***

Reverse lay-up causing the Lakers to trade Glen Rice. ***

The drive and flip-in. **

Dipsy-doo lay-up past Elie, under Duncan, over Robinson. ****

Dunk from McGrady. ***1/2

Surprising the grumpy old men with the dunk. ***

Alley-oop over poor Antwan who looks quite foolish. ***

Half-court pass converted on for the alley-oop. ***

Now that's a put-back kids. ***1/2

Poor John Celestand. Crossover leaving the guy frozen then just barely getting high enough for the jam. ****

Another putback. ***

Around the world dunk. I can do that, just not in the air:( ****

High in the air for another alley-oop against the Nets. ***

"Easy dunk. **

The 360 with one hand dunk. ****1/2

Under and over. Oooch! ***1/2

Vince with his elbows over the rim. Not a great angle though. ***

Alley-oop windmill! ****1/

A never seen before wacked reverse lay-up ***




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