3-6-00:Yippee! Today i got bored and i was playing around with my guitar and i figured out the guitar tab for The Great Below and added it to the tab section. I'm sorry, i know i said i would change the poll *bad girl* but i didn't:( i will really soon though.
3-4-00: Today I decided to add some piano tabs!!! Yippee! But there are very few right now:( I have a lot more that i havent had time to type out yet, so be watching for them. I also added a "contribute" page so you can send me any pics, tabs, artwork, or whatever. I'm also planning on changing the poll tonight:)
2-19-00:Woo hoo! Its finally the weekend. Today I once again changed the weekly poll question, so you need to go cast your vote! And thats about all i updated today:)
2-17-00:I added yet another NIN link and another kick ass creation by Jody Bell to the fan art section.
2-15-00:Well, i got really bored today so i thought i would attempt to tab somemore nin songs. I only managed to figured out Wish, but i think its preety accurate so be happy! Anyways, thats about all i updated today:)
2-12-00:Today i added some cool video stills from closer, gave up, and happiness in slavery.
2-10-00:I cleaned up the halo section and added a lot more info on all the halos. wow, arent you excited!?!? i know i am! well, ill talk to you soon:)
2-6-00: Today i added a new feature, NIN videos! yippee! There are only three right now, Hurt, The Perfect Drug, and Closer, but ill try to get others. They're preety cool and they took for freakin ever for me to upload so be sure to check them out.
2-5-00: Woo hoo, i finally changed the so called weekly NIN poll. he he. So now you can go cast your vote for a NEW question! yippee! I also added a couple new trent pics for your viewing pleasure, so be sure to check those out. Anyways, thanks for stoppin by:)
2-3-00:Today I added yet another webring to my neverending collection. And...yah. Exciting, isn't is? Damn it, you people need to add your sites to my Top 25 List! I worked hard on that list and no one but me has joined! What is wrong with you!?!? Hehe, i cant stay mad at you. I love you. You know i do:)Oh, i also added an updates section with old updates. Cause i update this page a lot and i just thought it would be cool to save them all. So if your ever bored and want to see all ive done in the past, you can check it out. Wow look at me rambling on and on...well, i better let you go now. Have fun and come back soon:)
2-1-00: Well, i was really really bored today so i decided to create one of those cute little top site list thingies. So if you have a NIN site, you should definalty add it. And if you dont have a NIN site, you should still check it out. Its at the bottom of the page if your intersted. Tootles:)