A GiRl NaMeD SoRrOw

Hey there! I don't know if any one really gives a crap about me, but if you do and would like to learn a little more about me, you're in the right place:)

My name is Sorrow Nightshade, im 16 years old and I live in a giant hell hole (aka California). You can obviously tell i LOVE nine inch nails. Especially Robin Finck:) Yum...what a hottie;) But i'm also into Marilyn Manson, Scary Valentine, Orgy, Pantera, White Zombie and ummm....well i like a lot of other bands, i just can't think of them at the moment. I'm totally into music. Especially scary electronic stuff.I love listening to it and playing it. I've been playing guitar for like 4 years now and i just started playing the keyboard. But yah, without music...i would absoultly die:)

I also love to write. I'm a really shy girl and i have trouble speaking my mind, so i've found i can really express my feeling in writting. I mostly write poetry though. You can check out my dark poetry page if you like. I havent really been adding much to it cause well....ive been really happy latley(medication). And i write best when i'm really angry or really depressed. I also love computer stuff. Yah ive been kinda a computer nerd the last few years;) I love to do web page design as you probaly already noticed and i like just surfing the internet. I swear you can find the wierdest stuff on here, lol. If you have any cool links you think i should check out, feel free to send them:)

I also like people. I like just being in the company of people. Seeing people, listening to people, talking with people, and meeting all different types of people. But I must say that i get along best with open-minded people. People that aren't quick to judge based on apperance. I've had a lot of trouble with people that take one look at me and decide they hate me. Cause I'm very open-minded and i've learned that you can't judge people by the way they look. And i also LOVE getting email(hint hint)! And if you ever feel like chatting, my screen name on Yahoo is: X_scary_valentine_X and my AOL screen name is Moonlight GlooM

There's so much more i could tell you about myself...but i'm really hungry right now. So i think ill go get something to eat and i'll finish this later:)