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This is an open WebRing for Jensen and other Danish patrolineal surnames Genealogy Research.
If you have a website relating to this type of Family History Research, PLEASE JOIN US!


To Join the JensenGen WebRing

Step 1:Please read the guidelines for member sites.
Step 2:Click on Join, then submit the requested information at
Your information will not be given to any other lists.
Step 3:You will recieve an HTML fragment to add to your page.
Please be prompt about adding this to the site you submitted.
Step 4:E-mail me when it's added!
Step 5:I check the code and add your site. :]


Ring Guidelines

1. The purpose of this WebRing is to bring together Jensen and other Danish patrolineal surname resources, therefore, pages applying for membership should include substantial information relating to these topics. This may be in the form of gedcom files, biographies, profiles, pertinant geographical information, or other information that will further research on this surname.

2. Sites in JensenGen are to be child safe. That is, sites containg profanity, nudity, pornography, and other objectionable material will be excluded immediately and without notice from the ring at the Ringmaster's discretion. Additionally, links to this type of trash should not appear on pages easily accessable from the site with the JensenGen HTML fragment.

3. The HTML fragment supplied to each applicant site by the Ringmaster is to be placed on the same page as the link supplied in the form. The fragment is to be easy to find and recognizable as the JensenGen ring code. It is strongly suggested that members simply copy and paste the code they are sent. Suggestions regarding the appearance of the code are welcome and will be seriously considered by the Ringmaster.

4. Sites applying for membership in JensenGen are to be open to the public. Sites requiring memberships and/or passwords to access them will not be considered for membership.

5. All sites are required to notify the Ringmaster if there is any change to their URL. Falure to do so may result in being removed from the ring.

6. Submitting your site for consideration to the JensenGen Ringmaster indicates that you have read and aggree to these guidelines.

7. Site guidelines are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your patience and participation.

If you have read and aggree to the ring guidelines, please continue the process of joining JensenGen at Webring.

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