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We will present to you a series of WORD STUDIES (see the complete list in the left-hand column), so as to bring you do desiring more, therefore you digging into studying the WORD, while asking the Holy Spirit to teach and guide you into all TRUTH. We must get to KNOW HIM, by knowing with understanding the meaning of WORD as God's Spirit reveals. II Tim2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (The King James Version)

Revelation to your OWN heart comes through the Holy Spirit's teaching you as you study; and these things taught by HIM become your choice of your very life and nature, itself.


I would like to give thanks unto the Lord, for His glorious mercy given to me in having two beautiful Christian parents who trained me in the way I should go, so as I would grow old I would not depart from it. Dad is an ordained minister, a preacher and both mom and dad are terrific teachers of the Word of God, even still, as I speak. They traveled many years, evangelizing the WORD of TRUTH, and in the ministry of music. They ministered to all or anyone who would allow the Gospel to be preached. Even on the street corners, in those days. I was brought up in Bible School boarding school, during most of my school years; but, also traveled quite often with my parents in evangelism , and I sometimes sang solos or trios with them. But, I was in extensive minisry of music in school.

I have many blessed spiritual memories throughout the years. I remember my dad's teachings on the Tabernacle Studies. These were years of compiled information given in series. Many have been so blessed to have been under his teachings. Mom, taught a series of Word Studies, of which God specifically used to totally transform my life. There were key thoughts that triggered many teachings throughout the years of studying. I then was called by the Holy Spirit to totally set myself aside to 'HEAR YE HIM.' In September of 1985, I was led by the Holy Spirit to hear HIM, as HE would lead me into all truth as was promised, in God's Word of Truth. I then spent hours per day, studying word studies. I found fantastic woven patterns of thoughts, words and ideas, which are gloriously revealed through the Holy Spirit's quickening power.

All these things together have made a difference in my own soul. I would like to share a few of my mom's studies with you, but please take time to do do the studies, yourself, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and to reveal to your heart and mind, the thoughts and intense of God, thus knowing the Spirit of Understanding within you. Prov.4: 7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. (The King James Version)


The purpose of *Word Studies is to openup many new lines of truth, and afford a new and clearer appreciation of passages studied. It would encourage thoughtful meditation on the exact forces of *word, both as they are in themselves, and in their relation to other *words.

It should unveil to us their marvel and mystery. These are the *words with thich we have to do, and to those who receive them aright, are *words of eternal life.

"The *words of the N.T. are eminently the stoicheia (rudiments, elements) of Christian theology, and he who will not begin with a patient study of those, shall never make any considrable, least of all any secure, advances in this: for here, as everywhere else, sure disappointment await him who thinks to possess the whole without first possessing the parts of which that whole is composed."


The origin or derivation of a word as shown by it's analysis into elements, by pointing out the root or primitive upon whichit is based, or by reffering it to an earlier form in it's parent language,also, an account setting forth such origin or derivation.

* WORD(s)

A word is known by the company it keeps.
Therefore, one must also see the parts in order to see the whole.


This series will contain words, thoughts and ideas from the following:

The Holy Bible
Strong's Concordance
Wesminster Dictionary of the Bible
The Christian's Legacy