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The Word says...Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed [thus being clothed in His Righteouseness, and not naked before the spirit world, your enemies] rightly dividing the word of truth. To divide is the same as disecting or examining closely as if looking under a magnifying glass. When you study, ask for the Holy Spirit to interpret all things to your own understanding, through His wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It is not enough for man to interpret thoughts to you, alone, but it is vital to your own life to hear what the Spirit says to you, for He IS Truth, and man can be mistaken, misunderstood, or not ready to receive or give at the moment. So, before you open these studies we strongly implore you to pray for His guidance. Blessings, our friends!

Mercy Studies Series

Mercy Studies Introduction
What Is Mercy? Pgs.1-6
Mercy In Psalms 118
Mercy In The Law - The Giving Of The Law

In Spiritual Seasons

In Spiritual Seasons - introduction
Jesus Is The Expressed Image Of God
The Looking Glass
Abandon Self And Grab Trust
Our Sufficiency is Of God

Word Studies Series

Word Studies - introduction
Introduction to - Ministry Of The Holy Spirit - part 1
Ministry Of The Holy Spirit - part 2
It's All In The Name
Words Of Command