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Various medical and surgical techniques, from drugs to chemotherapy, have been developed by the allopathic school of medicine to combat cancer, and research continues in right earnest to find a cure. Meanwhile World Homoeopathic Development Organisation ( WHDO ) have taken up cudgels against this dreaded disease with the aid of a semmingly unlikely chemical - Potassium Cyanide. Their efforts were detailed in the `International Movement of Cancer Eradication Programme', held in Delhi recently. The function was presided over by Sardar S.S.Libra, Member of Parliament and the guests of honour attending it included Mr. Kojo Yeboah Asuamah, Minister Counsellor of Ghana, Mr.Oidov Nyamdavaa, Ambassador of Mongolia and Dr.Jean G.Daniel, Ambassador of Lebanon.

Dr.A.M.Mathur, renowned homoeopathic physician, is a noted scientist whose `Cancer Cure' medicine made headlines in 1972 when he `tasted' Potassium Cyanide and survived to narrate the experience. The medicine prepared by him consists of 22 salts including Potassium Cyanide and he claims success in 80 % of cases. While `Cancer Cure', according to Dr.Mathur, can be used to treat all cancers, it is particularly effective against cancer of the liver, lungs, blood and brain.

Testimonies of patients cured by Dr.Mathur, some in the form of signed affidavits, lend credence to his claims. Though he started using the medicine on his patients from 1981, his application for cancer drug is still pending with the Drug and Excise Authorities. It is WHDO that came to his rescue by recognising his contributions two decades after the invention and taking up this case on an international level. WHDO was formed a few years ago under the chairmanship of Late Dr.Ved Prakash Aryan and has offered services during outbreaks of epidemics and provided free medicines to students in various states. A consulate office was set up at Mauritius in October,1998 with a charitable homoeopathic dispensary.

Though homoeopathy is more than 200 years old people still refer to it as faith healing even though it's based on definite scientific principles. Each and every remedy is derived from nature - whether it is metals like iron, gold, silver, aluminium, tin, platinum etc. or poisons like arsenic, conium ( hemlock ), snake poison like lachesis, or acids like nitric, phosphoric of picric acid. Medicines are extracted even from bees like afis mel, flowers like pulsatilla, gelsemium and calendula, from common salt Natrum Mur, even from flintstone like silica ! Each one of these remedies has been tested by physicians and symptoms written down in minutest detail for every remedy.

The credit of discovering homoeopathy as a healing science goes to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician who felt that in allopathy he was unable to effect a cure for many of his patients. It is also the only science which takes care of the mind where most diseases originate. Very often there may be no evident physical problem yet the patient does not feel happy and well. It is, as Bernard Shaw said, " a healthy body is the product of a healthy mind".

Constant research Led Dr.Hahnemann to discover that any disease can be cured by a minimum dose of the indicated remedy in a potent form. For example, if there are symptoms of iron deficiency, a potentised form of iron would be the cure and not iron in material form, i.e. in capsules. Homoeopathy is based on this law.

People often ask what small sugar globules can do for a sick body. The truth is that while they are helpless in fighting disease, they strengthen the vital force of the body and energise it to fight disease. This is where homeopathy scores over other medical sciences. It does not cure individual diseases but takes care of the patient in totality. In the case of cancer, says Dr. Mathur, " As soon as any organ of the body develops it, we can diagnose it by examining the eyes, tongue and nails of the patient. With the prominent symptoms of these organs I can forecast the type of cancer in the body and see there is no need of biopsy test." `Kali Cyanatum' medicine in the Homeo origin of Potassium Cyanide is already there. " I have developed the medicine `Cancer Cure' with the help of 22 salts and phosphorous, calcium, iron, arsenic, hydrstis. During the last 20 years I have treated more than 250 cancer patients of different natures, " Dr.Mathur claims.

The above news article by R.Nair appeared in the HT City Edition of the Hindustan Times ( widely circulated news paper in India ) on Wednesday, the 29th December, 1999 on Page-4, and is reproduced here for the benefit of humanity worldwide ! God bless us all.
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