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The Master Empire

Three reasons why we made this clan

We have reached the big 30 Members. Their names are in the Members section. Some Members have not been going on lately we only ask that you go on as much as you can. Email Me if you have any questions or concerns. Our clan is growing rapidly we are no longer highering rookies. Just experts or intermediates Our Leader and I (Perseus) ask if you could higher some new members but they must not be a ROOK.

I still do not have everyones email address If you could please email me and say who you are.(your Zone Name). This is just so i can get in contact with all the members.

We are having a tournment to recieve a ^ by your name(see the ranks section for details). Please play games against our own clan members please email me the results or tell me if im on.

Our new download section lets you download many taunts alot are funny if you download it we both can hear it when you type in that number there is over 900 taunts to download.

Not everyone has pentioned for a membership yet. There is only 13 members who have officially joined the clan. To officially do this go to join us and then pention for membership.

If you are wondering how to change the pop limit its on the Lingo section(dont ask me why). This might sound strange but we have made cards of members of TME. There will be more later.

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Notify me of wanting me to try you out. Get your own FREE Guestbook from htmlGEAR ..