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It has been confirmed in many narrations that there are two flags in Islam; the first is called Al-Liwaa and serves as the sign for the leader of the Muslim army and as the flag of the Islamic State. While the other is termed Ar-Raya and is used by the Muslim army. The Liwaa of the Messenger (saaw) was a piece of white cloth with the words "La Illaha Illa Allah Muhammadur Rasul Allah" written across it. The Raya of the Messenger (saaw) was a piece of black wool with the words "La Illaha Illah Allah Muhammadur Rasul Allah" written across it. Therefore, the Liwaa is a white flag with black inscriptipn, and the Raya is a black flag with white inscription.

Ibn Abbas (ra) narrated that the Raya of the Messenger (saaw) was black and his Liwaa was white.

During the battle of Mu'atah the Messenger (saaw) was delivering a Khutbah in Medinah. The Messenger (saaw) was telling the Muslims about what was happening in the battlefield. He (saaw) informed them Zayd (ra) was killed and Ja'far took over the Raya (black flag) from him, then Ja'far (ra) himself was killed, so Abdullah Ibn Ruwahah (ra) took over the Raya (black flag).

Al-Barra'a Ibnu Azeb (ra) was asked about the Messenger's (saaw) Raya so he said: "It was black, had four corners and was made of wool." These and other ahadith clearly prove that Muhammad (saaw) had designated a flag for his Ummah.

The Messenger of Allah (saaw) conquered and entered Mecca with a Liwaa (white flag). Allahu Akbar!