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Unconditional Love By Silvermoon

What is unconditional love? it's the ability to accept and love another human being just as they are, not wanting to change another into our idea of perfect. It's seeing yourself in another human being and accepting him/her as they are with all their virtues and faults. If you are to look and just be silent and observe a group gathering anywhere on the planet, you will soon realize that people are critical of one another. They wear masks to disguse their true selves, they hide. If unconditional love is to be experienced and attained you should always remember these words: do unto others as you would have others do unto you, and how so? well, what are you against? what frightens you? shall we do a mini self inventory? people swear? we all curse from time to time! and the list goes on and on; until you master your own prejudices you will not know acceptance and you will never know unconditional love which is the only kind of love that is true. Personal relationships of the marrying kind are not pure love but rather of the flesh and rather of the terrestrial love. When do we see unconditional love? in the Cosmic Birthir which is that which we term God, and when you experience the Divine you experience unconditional love which is true love. Allowing for your soul to experience unconditional love is getting in touch with the repulsive and loving it, because there is something in the repulsive that we all have. Beauty is within, don't look for beauty outwardly but rather inwardly, once you tap into that beauty it will show on the outside as well, it will show pure love. Know those people that are repulsed by the elderly and infirm? they know not unconditional love and unconditional love is the elderly and infirm, that is unconditional love, see them in you. Do you know beauty? true beauty? it's within, not outside yourself but within! Sometimes we come accross someone who is very beautiful on the exterior but then when they speak we realize how ugly they are but when you realize this is when you see with the eyes of Spirit and that is unconditional love! Do you know friendship? you see yourself in that other person, you accept and allow them! the self has to learn, grow and evolve and so does the soul and soul and self are one and the same! Knowledge is freedom, not ignorance, and so it is with unconditional love, acceptance of the other's faults and virtues! I'm not talking here about materialism! that you gave your shirt is not love, that is called glorifying yourself! I'm talking about love, spiritual love! the unseen one! the love that is not physical but rather acceptance of the faults and virtues of another, for who are we to judge another!? when we judge others we judge ourselves and the Divine as well! We are co creators with the Source we call God. The Source does not have eyes, hair, color! not a thing human but manifests Itself rather in the human flesh through us, we express the Cosmic Birthir! Death is but a stage, a change of address. No line demarcates this world or world of spirit and it is in that world that we all become one and realize that if we had spent our time on earth learning what we came here to learn, we wouldn't have to return to the plane of matter! Accepting others as they truly are and not as we would have them be is unconditional love. Be in charge of your own show and not of your neighbor's or your mother's or father's or sister's or brother's, but that of yourself alone, for when you see your faults as they truly are, then we know unconditional love! Strive for self evaluation in depth, not just superficial, provoke a change in you that will improve yourself for the better, for when we feel accepting of another we are practising unconditional love. Do not be cool, be different, be the one to practise unconditional love in all you do. Every act of unconditional love will improve the color of your soul and that will make a difference when you join with the Source that we call God. Do you know the word deity? how we love those deities! we are enchanted by anything that appears different and we make those different into Gods with clay feet. It does not work that way with Gods, they are perfect but we are not. If one of these human deities happens to faulter, we condemn them and then we say, how could they have done that? they did because they are human beings just like us! The Cosmic Birthir, which is that which is termed God, knows nothing about human sickness, poverty, misery, those were created by lack of love, not by the Cosmic Birthir! Who gave the cancer to some afflicted with it? not the Cosmic Birthir, the Cosmic Birthir is perfect and with perfect love called unconditional love! the laws that are universal laws are in place and are not subject to change or negotiation! their continuum is forever and if we live according to the law of the Cosmic Birthir, we shall know true love and happiness. How can we be co creators with the Cosmic Birthir? because we come from it! from where we came we shall return!  Too simple? yes it is, it is us humans that in our need for self glorification have made the law of the Cosmic Birthir and the Cosmic Birthir Itself a complicated matter, look within for the answers, don't look to books or buildings or people for it is within us where the Source we call God resides, it's indwelling in us all. For however long you are in the flesh, that was all pre arranged prior to birth. We feel very astute when we can solve complicated things, then we can say, "see how clever I am? I can solve complicated things" and then the others start to worship the smart person and we make a religion based on that, that is in us humans, we have to go gather somewhere so that on sunday we can show off our latest acquisition and that will not get answers and that is not worshiping God, fellowship is great but so is getting answers and always look within for those answers. To meet with The Source we call God all you need is you and not a building where people gather to show off.


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