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      To My Dad
        This Is Dedicated To My Dear Father Whom I Miss Every Day, I Will Never Forget You.

        You were born to be a soldier, you were born to excel, life had it that way. You never did try, it was in you all the time. Your mind was brilliant and what great courage you had, but hush now....don't let it be known to anyone that deep inside you, the General, had a tender heart. You were not good with hugs or sentimentality, you were very sharp, all the same, hush! not let it be known to anyone that the General had a golden heart. Of the glories that you attained and the fame that ensued, you always shared with us, we were a part of you. You expected perfection and excellence, I tried so very hard, you gave me credit where credit was due, but not all of the time, you used to say, don't let SilverMoon know, it may go to her head, yes, my father, I heard that time, you always did say, my ears were better receptors than a telephone line. I remember your General's stripes, your long cape and shiny shoes too, I remember at the time I thought your shoes were magic mirrors, I was all of ten, do you still remember that? do you remember when I turned 43 and you phoned me from afar? I did ask you that day to tell me the story that I loved so much as a child, that story you used to recite over and over again, the story of old Petra, the old lady that lived in the forest, you made it sound so real, you brought that story to life. That day in place of amazement I only felt sorrow and it made me cry, but really just from sadness, for the times that had gone by, my father, the great General, and his daughter, let it be know, that for a split second they had gone back in time. I now think that perhaps you only wanted to be a man but fate had other plans, it made you a legend, a part of history in our land.